Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ooh, Aah, Make it All Better!

If you fall down, 
If you get hurt,
If you are sad,
Or see a mini skirt,
Need a little bit of
Make it all better!
Make it all better!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah!

< this is one of the few things I have a tune for. Actually, this is Katharina's baby powder song. Don't ask; just try and guess. I bet you can't. :) >

Monday, December 26, 2011

Five 1/2 + Six =^]

5 1/2:
The best things don't come in packages, super-sized or small,
The best things aren't contained in boxes with any bows at all,
The best thing aren't always visible to the mortal eye,
The best things can make you laugh, but sometimes make you cry.

You don't know what love is,
I'm sorry, but it's true.
You don't know what love is,
Or what it does to you.

< This are completely unrelated to each other, but they are both the beginnings of songs I couldn't think of any more lines for, and I decided they were so short and incomplete they didn't deserve their own posts. >

Christmas Catch-Up Five... < Or is it Six? Darn. Lost count. >

When you feel sad or hurt, hungry or angry,
Don't take all the pain out on somebody,
There's no fakin':
It always works to think of bacon.

< I just had to write this refrain! No song attached- just a refrain. Not a very good rhymer, no real meter- but hey, it's about the healing qualities of bacon! Emotionally, anyway. This is for all them Higher Thingers. :) >

Christmas Catch-Up Four...

You can have the mop,
And me the broom,
Or if you'd rather,
Grab some chairs,
Or me and you,
Just dancing together.

< As you all know, I love spoofs. Here's one for the refrain of " Happy Together" bye the Beatles. :) What do you think? >

Christmas Catch-Up Three...

...And we danced,
Across that floor,
We danced like we done never danced before.
Yeah, we danced,
Hand in hand,
And toe stepping on toe,
And I will never forget,
How we got wet,
'Cause we didn't mind dancing in the rain.
So yeah, we danced,
Across that floor,
We danced like we done never danced before,
Yeah, we danced,
And I can't help but wonder,
If he would change a thing,
If we could go back now,
And just dance.-

AND I wrote more to this, but you don't get to see it. X) I consider it unfinished, because I wrote an ending, but I don't like it, so I'm not posting it, and someday, MAYBE I'll finally come up with a reasonable wrap up. :) Also, there's a little story behind this song- no, it didn't actually take place, as you may have guessed. But I DID hear a song on the radio I like-ished one night, and I decided to write my own version- one that didn't take place in a bar. :P This is the result. :)

Christmas Catch-Up Two...

I was never much of much of anything,
I don't dance, and I cannot sing,
I was never much of much of anything,
But I would rather be not much than a nothing.
I've got lots of smiles, more than I can use,
 I've got lots of friends, 'cause I don't pick and choose,
I try to do more than I've time for on most days,
I do much for a not much in many ways,
I was never much of much of anything,
I don't dance, and I cannot sing,
I was never much of much of anything,
But when you're not much, you ain't got much to lose!

 < I wrote this song partly because I wanted to write a song using the idea of being not much as a noun instead of an adjective- also, I was mad. :) >

Christmas Catch-Up One...

Just let me go!
The things you say hurt more than you know.
It's too late to change the past,
Some things last,
Others won't go.

< This is a spoof on the Hey, Jude! refrain, written to fit Naina Bird and my story's- which does not currently have a title, although it's had two so far- plot line. Basically Laina's ability to take things to far.... :) >

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lost In This Moment With You Spoof

Lost in the laundry, it's true,
I'm feeling so confused,
I just don't know what to do,
There's no doubt,
Searching the dryer for this,
Waited the whole day for this,
I'll search the washer too,
 Lost in the laundry, it's true
< I came up with this last night, after hearing people sing the original over and over again, then Anna posted it on Buzz, so I thought this was perfect timing. :) >

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If You Think

If you think I know what I'm doing,
You're crazy,
But just maybe,
One of these days I'll figure it out,
Then you can take me for a spin.

If you think I know what I'm saying,
You're insane, It's just all this pain,
Going to my head.

If you think I know who I am,
Then you're mad,
But I'll give you a chance to prove me wrong,
Maybe you'll see at the end of this song,
If I wasn't so messed up I might think better of you.

< This song obviously could never be given a tune, because it has no rhyme or reason. But it's the words that really matter, isn't it? >

Thursday, November 17, 2011

What The World Needs Now Is A Color

What the world needs now is a color,
Shiny or pale, but new,
A color of comfort and cheerfulness,
That makes you glad to be you.
A color to color the world with,
Just one, but not just any will do,
A color that can be used to paint anything,
A color that will always be true.
You may think I'm silly to talk colors,
But it's what the world really needs,
Music and light speak in colors,
And colors are what feelings breathe.

< I want to come back to this some time, and see what I change. Someone remind me. This was a spur of the moment idea, like most of my songs, but I think it's one of my favorites. :') >

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Don't You Let Me Live?

Why don't you let me live,
Or kill me?
Why don't you let me live,
Or let me die?
I try to stay out of your way,
But you just chase me down,
And make me watch all the little children cry.

Why don't you let me live,
Or kill me?
Why don't you let me live,
Or let me die?
You chain me to a wall,
And you torture my very soul,
And I can't smile because in every corner hides your spy.
Why don't you let me live,
Or kill me?
Why don't you let me live,
Or let me die?
You took away my clock,
You've frozen time,
Now I'm not really living, but I can't die.

Why don't you let me live,
Or kill me?
Why don't you let me live,
Or let me die?
My eyes are growing heavy,
I'd give anything for sleep,
But you'd laugh, and snap a picture, and peel open my eyes.

< Here's for all the euthanasia and abortion victims. This isn't a video game; you don't get to come back to life and start over, so choose life. Even if it stinks sometimes. >


We live in a world of misconceptions,
Thanks to our lack of communication,
We wander about like on a foggy day,
As the demons of Misunderstanding come out to play.
They cover our eyes and climb in our ears,
They feed us their lies and toast to our tears,
And we welcome them as dear old friends,
I promise you, this is how the world shall meet its end.\
We think that we know everything,
Because we believe anything we hear,
And we'll believe our enemies,
Before we believe those we should hold dear.

< It was a foggy day. I was tired. My friends are tired. And who isn't feeling down right now? >

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tell Me When

Tell me when I hurt you,
And when I've crossed the line,
Tell me when I'm messing up,
And 'go away' when it is time.
Tell me when you're angry,
When you're happy,
When you're sad.
Tell me when you're just confused,
Or if you're feeling bad.

Tell me when I'm kind to you,
And when I could go just a little farther,
Tell me when I'm doing well,
And when you want me there.
Tell me when you're angry,
When you're happy,
When you're sad.
Tell me when you know just what,
And when you're feeling good.

Tell me when you're ready,
When you think it's time to go,
And if I ask a question,
Tell me when you do not know.
Tell me when the mirror tells you something you don't feel,
And tell me when the whole wide world,
Feels just a bit unreal.
Tell me when there's something that you really want so,
Or tell me when there's nothing just to pass the time of day.

< I'm considering doing a little editing on this, but it was a spur of the minute thing, and it's what I thought of at the time... >

Friday, November 4, 2011

Sacreligious Trash

I'm not sacreligious trash,
But I'm not a Saint,
I'm just a sinner,
And one who wants to learn to forgive,
And to be forgiven,
Before it's too late.
I don't know why everyone,
Thinks something is wrong,
Why they think I need company,
]I just want a quiet place,
Where I can write my songs,
And be alone with me being me.
I never asked for friendship,
Or for fame or help or gold,
I only want to be a child,
Who brings smiled to the old,
And sing my silly songs,
As if I'm never growing up,
And to teach all the other children,
Never, ever to give up.
When things look way too hard,
When you don't think you'll make it though,
Just sing and sing and sing,
And sing away the blues.
When you find that special shooting star,
Your very own dream come true,
Grab hold of it and let no one,
Take your chance away.
Hold on to it,
Close your eyes,
Sing and Dream and Pray,
And let God be the one who ordains for you,
Your path, your road, your way.
I know it's hard for awhile,
There are butterflies in your stomach,
Your fingers turn to butter,
Your brain begins to buzz,
But don't let your heart turn to stone.

< I wrote this after some kid at church called me sacreligious trash. I didn't find it as funny as the other people I told. Nuff said. >

Baby Love

Baby love,
Maybe love,
Wasn't meant for one so samll,
But, baby love,
Maybe love,
Could have caught you after all.

I loved you before you were born,
Now you're born I love you more,
As you lay in my lap,
As I sing you to sleep,
I can't help but wonder,
Baby love.

You're noisy for one so small,
But I love you just the same,
I'll love you when you're big;
I know babies don't stay,
Little love.

Oh, my baby when I'm sad,
You laugh and make me happy,
And when you start to cry,
Oh, then how you scare me,
Cradle love!
< This is for all the babies in my life. :) I'm not exactly sure how or why I thought of it, but now that I think of it, I think it is a bit like my own version of Baby Mine, one of my favorite Disney songs. :) >

Oh, Friend!

You said you'd never change,
I don't want to disagree,
Yet it's harder ev'ry time you ask,
What's been bothering me?
Oh, friend, how I miss you!
Don't you remember the crazy things we used to do?
The laughing and crying and dancing in the rain?
But I'll keep the secret; hurting you won't make things the same,
Oh, friend!

I wrote down all the words,
For the song you wrote with me,
But although you wrote the perfect tune,
It's left your memory.

Oh, friend, how I miss you!
Don't you remember the crazy things we used to do?
The laughing and crying and dancing in the rain?
But I'll keep the secret; hurting you won't make things the same,
Oh, friend!

Just Lovin' You

Girl: I knew when I met you that it was too late,
Boy: So we turned out the lights and snuck through the gate,
We kissed and we laughed and I cried with you,
Girl: We muse of done all those things we weren't s'posed to,
Both: But I must of done somethin' right,
Yeah, I must of done somethin' right,
Just lovin' you.

Boy: We ain't got much money, we ain't got much time,
Girl: We've just got four kids and a bottle of wine,
But we're still awfully in love so we do what we can,
Boy: And I pay most of the bills workin' for your old man,
Both: So I must of done somethin' right,
Yeah, I must of done somethin' right,
Just lovin' you.

Girl: The kids grow so fast, they're all learnin' to read,
Boy: An' askin' for money that they say they need,
But the things they do wrong's just what we did back then,
Girl: So it's simply impossible to stay mad with them,
Both: Guess I must of done somethin' right,
Yeah, I must of done somethin' right,
Just lovin' them.

Boy: One kid's in college, an' buyin' a car,
Girl: He's in love with some girl he met in a chocolate bar,
They were both feeling tired and drinking their Joe,
Boy: I don't know if we're ready to let the boy go,
Both: But I must of done somethin' right,
Yeah, I must of done something right,
Just lovin' him.
Girl: He got a call that she wasn't well,
Boy: So he called us up, and he said, "Hell-
o, mum and dad, I can't come down this weekend,
Girl: Ruth's in the hospital, and it might be the end,
Both: I just hope I can do somethin' right,
Yeah, I hope I can do somethin' right,
Just lovin' her.

< This was going to be just notes for a song, but it turned into a full blown song nothing like my original idea. The end is a little depressing, and the first stanza is a bit questionable, but for some reason I like it anyway. It's kind of fun. Any thoughts of yours? >

Nothing Beautiful Refrain

Nothing beautiful,
No, nothing beautiful,
Was made to last forever,
They just weren't built that strong.
So save me,
Yeah, save me the last one.

< This is a refrain I wrote... 
Well, I think it sounds like refrain anyway, but I never actual thought of a complete song to go with it. :) 
I don't feel like it, either, so you can send me your own ideas. :) >

There Were So Many Things...

There were so many things I didn't know,
Until I met you,
There's still so many things I don't understand,
But I will trust you,
And when you need me,
I will come through for you, and hold your hand.
Because I know that you are a person,
And every person deserves to be loved,
And every person needs someone to trust.
So I will trust you,
And I will come through,
Yes, I will trust you,
With love that is true.

< :P 
I don't like this one quite so much.
What do YOU think?...>

But When I Saw You

People told me all about yout and I didn't stop to think,
You were just another person and I didn't really care.
I thought I knew just what those people meant,
And that I'd recognize you the minute that you appeared.
But when I saw you,
I didn't just fall in love,
But when I saw you,
I knew there was no other way.
Oh, when I saw you,
It wasn't only love,
Oh, when I saw you,
There was no one else,
Nothing else,
No other way for me.

No one else seemed to notice the room was turning upside down,
But that moment I just knew that your face was starting to glow.
All my friends laughed at my bewilderment,
Only you weren't laughing at me, and I knew you had to know.

It seems so long ago that you and I loved one another,
And I guess that it makes sense; childhood fancies come and they go.
And yet, though you seem to have forgotten,
I still find it hard to let that one little memory go.

< Sorry, but I just had to write something making fun of love at first sight. Although, now it doesn't seem to make fun of it so much; it just sounds like another pretty love song.:/
Oh, well, even I have to admit love songs are fun to sing. :)
And this is one of the songs I started trying to put the same number of syllables in each corresponding line per stanza or whatever the phrase is supposed to be. :P :) >

Oh, World

Oh, World, what are you coming to?
Oh, world, what have we made of you?
Can we still fix it,  world?
Can we still change, oh world?
Will we grow older, and wiser, oh world?
Oh, world, what have we left for our children?
Oh, world, you were such a pure maiden!
Is there anything that we can do?
Oh, world,
Oh, world,
Can we still make it through you, oh world?

Oh, world, what are you coming to?
Oh, world, what have we made of you?
What have we done to you, oh world?
Is there still a hcnace, world?
Is there yet a way, oh world?
Are there any more dreams come true?
Oh, world, that we've tainted with sin,
We're caving i8n,
WE still want to save you, oh world!
Oh, world,
Oh, world,
God didn't make you for this, oh world.

< I wrote some new songs! I wrote a LOT of new songs...
I'm not posting all of them.
But here's some, anyway...
:) >

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jesus Died Upon The Tree

Jesus died upon the tree,
There His blood was shed for me,
There my feet are washed free of Sin,
There He clothes me with His pure skin,
There I receive forgiveness,
Not by my own faithfulness!

His death holds my sin to blame,
Jesus loves me just the same,
When I wander Jesus finds me,
Never on the altar binds me,
When I'm parched He lets me go,
Where Life's fountain gently flows!

Jesus brings me Home to feed,
Jesus banishes all need,
Sings my humble praises with me,
To His lap He gently lifts me,
Though I sin He says to me,
" Take my name; It sets you free! "

By His name He has called me,
Puts His righteousness on me,
Though the guest He came appearing,
Now He is the servant serving,
He has washed me in the flood,
Trades my cup of death for Blood!

Jesus is the cornerstone,
Build your faith on Him alone,
When Satan wages war on you,
This firm rock will see you safe through,
Though alone you start to quake,
Nothing can this strong house break!

< This is a 'spoof' on I am Jesus Little Lamb. :) >


Oh, stupid, silly, awkward me,
Will I never, ever see?
People babble, speak, and talk,
All I can do is stand an gawk!
I cannot read a person's mind,
If I could, what would I find?
Are they being sweet and nice?
I take a guess; I toss the dice,
I have no other way to tell!
( My discussions don't go that well.)
People think I'm being cruel,
The truth is this: I'm just a fool!

Not All The Blood Of Beasts

Not all the blood of beasts,
Now on the cross are laid,
But all the sins of man,
For which the LORD hath paid.

Though all have sinners been,
Now at the altar kneeling,
There, there can be seen,
The glory of salvation.

The body and the blood,
Though separately given,
Show that Christ has redeemed me,
And I shall go to Heaven.

Life Is A Labyrinth

Life is a labyrinth,
Life is a time machine,
Life is a labyrinth,
With a minotaur big and mean!
Life is a labyrinth,
Twists and turns under ground,
Life is a labyrinth,
If you scream we won't hear a sound!

Life is a labyrinth,
No one can help you,
Life is a labyrinth,
A hundred dozen problems to think through!

Life is a labyrinth,
You better not lose your string,
Life is a labyrinth,
And you know that it ruins everything!

Everything you know,
Hades has heard:
You know you'll be there soon with,
With all the mentally disturbed!
Life is-
( time machine )
Life is-
( Greek myth )
Life is-
( big'n mean )
Life is, Life is, Life is,
Life is a labyrinth!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Color Is The Sunset

What color is the sunset when it gives you all the blue?
What color is the sunset when your friends are gone?
What color is the sunset when you don't know what to do?
What color is the sunset; what's the point of this sad song?
What color is the sunset when you don't feel so strong? 
What color is the sunset when the days seem extra long?
What color is the sunset jsut before hte yellow moon?
What color is the sunset long after the noon?
What color is the sunset? I must be ending soon,
For I'm oh-so tired of everything,
Including this melancholy tune.


I dropped a clipboard on my knee,
Now it's bruised as bruised can be,
It's turning shades of red and blue,
No, it's not very loverly.
It's ugerly,

< This is a spoof on the last part of Wouldn't It Be Loverly, from My Fair Lady. It's based off of the fact that I dropped a clipboard on my knee when Alena and I were getting hyper during our sleepover. :P >

Abide With Me Extra Stanza

Abide with me,
And wash away my sin,
Open the gates,
And let your child come in.
Grant me the faith,
To do as I am told.
Lord, help your people,
As in days of old.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Could Simply Fly Away

I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But I know that I may never find another dream like you.
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
Nothing's keeping me from growing wings now that my dream's come true,
But I know a dream is less than love,
It's a something meant to be our guardian angels wove,
And being here with you and a dream bring's back such memories,
I always know that love contained some mystery,
But as is the way with mysteries I never knew what that mystery could be,
I only know that I have found it now that you're here with me.
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But they say once you fly the dream ends,
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But I think I'll stay and accept the blessings that love sends.
I never quite understood people who thought they could fly,
I thought that any human would fall if they touched the sky,
But I understand completely now that you've set me free,
A dream is nothing compared with a memory.
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But all I really want is to stay right here with you.

< This is a really long one I just randomly came up with while matching socks the other day. Although it doesn't make much sense, I thought it was really pretty, and had to write it down quickly in my poetry notebook before I forgot it. Thanks to Gooey for bringing the notebook to me, since I forgot it in my room when I got on. :) >

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spoof On Amarillo Sky

Dark and Stormy Sky
 We just take our feet another round,
And pull ourselves up of the ground,
And send up another prayer,
We say, Lord I know I complain and maybe ask why,
But please don't let my best friend die,
Underneath, underneath,
This dark and stormy sky.

< This is a spoof on the refrain for Amarillo sky. If you want the full lyrics of the original song, I'm posting them on Buzz. Or, if you aren't on Buzz, I can send them to you. Good song.  :) >

Sunday, September 18, 2011

All Hurt And Friendless

Same Tune as God of All Hopefullness, God of all Joy:

All hurt and Friendless: The Lord is for you!
While others would smite you He'll always be true,
He'll strengthen you in weakness and dry all your tears,
And when you need a friend He is sure to be near.

<This is the first stanza of a hymn I wrote for a friend a long time ago. Unfortunately, I gave them my only copy with out thinking and it's not in the hymnal, so this is all I can remember. 3:)>

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Wan'na Be Like You Spoof

Now I'm the Queen of the Singers,
Oh, the song-writer VIP,
I've reached the top,
And had to stop,
And that's what's bothering me.
I wan'na be a musician, like you Bach,
And compose right through the town,
And be just like the other writers,
I'm tired of piddling around!
Oh, oobee doo,
I wan'na be like you,
I wan'na play like you,
Sing like you, too,
You'll see it's true,
And amateur like me,
Can learn to be great too.
( Gee, cousin Beethoven,
You're doin' real good,
Now here's your part of the deal, cuz,
Lay the secret on me of Chopin's great talent,
But I don't have his talent!)
Now don't try to kid me, Tchaikovsky,
I made a deal with you,
What I desire is Chopin's great talent,
To make my dream come true,
Give me the secret, Brahm's,
Clue me what to do,
Give me the power,
To sing in the shower,
So I can be like you,
I wan'na be like you,
I wan'na sing like you,
Play like you, too,
You'll see it's true,
Someone like me,
Can learn to be,
Like someone like me,
Can learn to be,
Like someone like you,
Can learn to be,
Like someone like me!

< This is a not-so-good spoof on the I Wan'na Be Like You in the Jungle Book. I plan to try some more spoofs for this song, just because it's more challenging than some of the other things I've tried, and this one didn't turn out as nicely as I wanted. Try it yourself and send me what you get! >

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm Not There

I swing so I can reach higher, higher,
And I sing 'cause the sky is bluer there.
I let my hair down 'cause I'm free and wild,
Yeah, inside I'm still a child,
But there's no taming me.
Oh, an' I'm a beautiful rose but I've got thorns,
And I'm gonna hurt you ,
Yeah, you can believe the things they say when I'm not there,
Hey, I'm not there,
Hey I'm not there,
Yeah, 'Cause I'm not there for you.

< This is a stupid song, but what the hey. I made it up yesterday when we were at the park and decided to write it down when I got home. I'm not sure why... >

I Suppose That's Why They Call It Fall

Everything's falling, falling, falling,
The sun, the leaves, and the spirits of all.
Everything's falling, falling, falling,
I suppose that's why they call it Fall.

Things'll start falling, falling anew,
The snow and rain and spirits of all,
Things'll start falling, falling anew,
I suppose that's why they call it Fall.

< I thought I wrote more for this song, but I guess not. At least, I can't remember what else I would have written... >

If I Died Tomorrow

If I died tomorrow I want to dance today,
I want to let my hair get in my way,
I want to talk and sing and laugh and cry,
I want to do all these things,
If tomorrow I die.

They say we should live everyday as if it were our last,
Well, there really isn't anything I can do about the past,
But if I started now I'd do things differently,
I wouldn't care about the people there when I cry and sing.
If tomorrow were my last day I would read up every book,
I would tell my friends I love them and ignore that funny look,
I would hug them and kiss them and not tell them so they don't cry,
Those are the things I'd want to do if I knew I was going to die.

< I didn't realize this much of my song actually got saved! This isn't everything I wrote, but hey, at least it's part of it, so I'll share it. Man, if the whole thing would have been saved, this would have been awesome! >

Friday, August 26, 2011

Keepin' This Corner Company

I know you're feeling worried,
But I promise it's okay,
You think I'm missing all the fun,
But I don't want to play.
And I'm not feeling lonely,
Yeah, I've got a friend with me
I'm just keeping this corner company.

Yeah, you maybe don't understand how this can be any fun,
But I don't really feel like talking to anyone,
I'll just watch you dancing and hum to my hearts content,
'Cause everyone wants to be alone every now and then.

I know you're feeling worried,
But I promise I'm okay,
You think I'm missing all the fun,
But I don't want to play,
And I'm not feeling lonely,
Yeah, I've got a friend with me,
I'm just keeping this corner company.

Yeah, the corner doesn't mind listening to the stupid things I say,
Sometimes it's the only one keeping me from running away,
And the corner never tells me things I'd rather never know,
We became the best of friends long, long, long ago.

I know you're feeling worried,
But I promise it's okay,
You think I'm missing all the fun,
But I don't want to play,
And I'm not feeling lonely,
Yeah, I've got a friend with me,
I'm just keeping this corner company.

All the things that you said when you thought I wasn't there,
I just tell them to my corner, 'cause no one else would care,
That way when I'm with you I can keep a cheerful face,
But for the moment I really just need some space.

I know you're feeling worried,
But I promise it's okay,
You think I'm missing all the fun,
But I don't want to play,
And I'm not feeling lonely,
Yeah, I've got a friend with me,
I'm just keeping this corner company,
Yeah, I'm just keeping this corner company,
You don't have to worry 'bout me,
This corner's just a'keeping me company.

<This is not a spoof. I guess most of my things aren't really. Sorry my songs are few and far between. I'd post more, but most of the songs I write aren't very good. this one probably could use some editing. I almost posted a pretty good one the other day but the internet farted and I can't remember any of it. :P :)>

Eyes Do

Maybe I do,
Maybe I don't,
I could tell you,
But maybe I won't,
See, mouths don't always say what's true,
But Eyes Do.

I'm just sitting here pretending that everything's okay,
I don't really mind be lonely for one more day,
If you asked me than I'd tell you that I'm feeling fine,
But I'd appreciate your asking, even just to pass the time.

If you'd ask me if I'd dance with you I'd say I wouldn't dare,
Still, I'd appreciate your asking, so I'd know someone still cares,
It gives me such a headache to see the people stare,
It makes me want to close my eyes and hide behind my hair.

I'd sure like someone to talk to,
I wouldn't mind if it was you.
If not, I'll jsut be happy,
Talkin' to no one but me.

I'd tell myself it isn't long before we say goodbye,
And I would tell myself that I'm not going to cry,
But insid I am still fighting to make myself stand tall,
Instead of always backing up against a wall.

You know when I get home I will go into my room,
And have myself a lovely dance with the kind old broom,
That is the very first time I'll be happy all nigh long,
Singing to my heart's content an Eeyore kind of song.

So don't serve me any wedding cake with flowers on the top,
Just turn on some waltzing music and bring out my friend the mops,
Don't try to make me wear a dress and lot's of pretty things,
I'll be content to trounce around in slippers and blue jeans.

All The Way From Nowhere

Hey, here I am awishing you a lovely day,
Though if you try to talk to me I might have to run away,
You don't know the things playing in my head,
You can say it's just a memory but memories aren't dead,
All the way from Nowhere,
I'm just here to tell you,
I really do care,
You may not know right now,
But I will miss you when I leave.
Please leave,
Just leave me be....
Hey, I just thought you'd like to know,
It's time for the show,
When it's over I am gone.
By the way,
Sorry I can't stay,
But it's better for us all.
All the way from Nowhere,
I'm just here to tell you,
I really do care,
You may not know right now,
But I'll miss you when I leave,
Please leave,
Just leave me be...
I'm sorry for the things I did,
The things I said,
The things you don't remember or don't care,
You can tell me it's okay,
It's okay,
But to me it's all still there.
If I'm here,
And you are here,
It'll all happen again,
I'm so sorry my friend,
All the way from Nowhere,
I'm just here to tell you,
I really do care,
You may not know right now,
But I'll miss you when I leave.
Please leave,
Just leave me be...
Please leave me be...
This isn't about me...
Just go away, 
So we can say, 
We are still friends.
Please leave....

Friday, August 19, 2011

Spoof-Free-A-Thon Finale: Ode To The Starfish

Oh, dear sea star in the deep,
How is it that you never sleep?
Five busy arms account for you,
And tend to all the things you do,
But if you should lose one all unknowing,
There will be another growing!
And so you are the fishers' spite,
Though they bless the stars of night,
What does make them curse you so,
As on your way you nimbly go?
And oft you're found in little stores,
Quite as oft as on sea floors!
But when for fancy you sit to dry,
Then, poor sea star, you must die.
The hapless deserve their own ode, too,
And so, my sea star: Here's to you.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 11: Blame It On the Coffee

I got up at four o' one,
Told you mowing sounded fun,
And then I spilled the O-J.
Blame it on the coffee!

I went gambling: starting ten,
Didn't get home 'till one a.m,
Forgot to go buy milk again.
Blame it on the coffee!

I popped in some Winnie The Pooh,
Dora, Spongebob, Scooby-Doo,
Had to clean up doggy poo.
Blame it on the coffee!

I tried to scramble my first egg,
Messed it up and had to beg,
Second thought: order chicken legs.
Blame it on the coffee!
Finally I did somethin' right:
Tucked in the kids, kissed you goodnight,
Turned off the front porch light.
You can blame that on me.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 10: I See It In Your Eyes

There was a friend I once knew,
The kindest person you ever knew,
But somehow I wondered if it was true,
When she told me how she felt.
She'd smile with a tear in her eye,
She'd be crying and tell me she was just fine,
It didn't take long to find out it was heartbreak.
I see it in your eyes,
I hear it in your voice,
You won't tell me a thing,
So I'll give you a choice:
What do you want from me?
I'd give you anything,
But all I have to give is my heart,
You can have it-free of cost,
You can rip it apart,
But if you notice, You don't care,
Hello, head, what's going on in there?

If I knew the fella' I'd sock him one,
I know for a fact: Heartbreak ain't fun,
But it'd kill her to know I did; poor hon,
So I don't know what I'm to do.
I talk to her and she doesn't hear,
I wonder what she's thinking up there,
One day she'll just disappear- I'm scared.

She won't change her story: "I'm okay!"
But I think she'll commit suicide someday,
That guy is with some city girl who isn't worth a thing.
I told her he's not worth her anyway,
She only asks me to go away,
But I know she really needs someone to stay,
I hope that lady leaves him.

She told him that she didn't care,
But when it comes to hearts you don't get a spare,
I'm tellin' you it isn't fair,
And all the folks blame her.
If I get put in the slammer some day,
It'll be for not letting him walk away,
'Cause as soon as I can I'm gonna beat him.
<In my opinion: The only part of this song that is really any good is the refrain, and I only wrote it last night! The refrain doesn't exactly fit with the rest of the song, either, does it?>

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 9: This Is a Song About A Girl

This is a song about a girl named <pause>-
Nancy is as good a name as any other-
And her beau, a young man named <pause>-
Well, I like the name Sam.
This is a song about young lovers,
Though they didn't know it when the song began.
Now Nancy's mother was a poor seamstress,
And Nancy was a poor seamstress,
Or else they had some other lowly career.
And Sam's father was a well-known scribe,
And Sam a young scholar to be a scribe,
Or else another way rich, for his papa has a long, long beard.
Now everyone knows a poor young gal,
Can't well marry her rich young pal,
So they snuck away one late night,
To marry each other in secret.
But here's the part of the song to scare you some,
They were never-never again seen.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 8: Christmas Day

It's Christmas Day!
It's Christmas Day!
The bells do chime,
And the harps will play.

Oh, it's Christmas Day!
It's Christmas Day!
The angels sing,
And babes play all day.

Oh, Christmas Day!
Oh, Magic Day!
The land is all white,
And the faithful pray.

Oh, Lovely Day,
Oh Faithful Day!
Stockings are hung,
And the dust flies away.

Oh, Mary Day!
Oh, Joseph Day!
The LORD is born,
To the blessed today!

Oh, Joyous Day!
Oh, Musical Day!
The church is full,
And nativity laid!

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 7: Spookin' House

There's a spookin' house they say,
Where the wild flowers grow,
That once was very yellow.

I've always wanted to see it,
The sad and lonely thing,
But always it does vanish when the bells do start to ring.

I know for oft I've searched for it,
In gardens overgrown,
But still unto me itself has never shown.

"I'll find you yet!"
I once did cry in despair,
Nor have I yet, though I search in every meadow fair.

Now I must go and look some more,
Before the bells do chime,
For when they do- it's spookin' time.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 6: All ALong the Berry Path

All along the berry path,
Where the weedies grow,
There's still signs of berry bushes,
Where children planted them long ago.
If you travel further there,
But not too far away,
You'll see the little decaying house,
Where those children used to play.
It used to be a pretty house,
With flowers all about,
Bunny hutches and a pond,
A tree with a house along a certain route.
The little house is empty now,
Except for squirrels and a coon,
But I think I heard them people say,
You can hearing a bawling just before noon.
They shakes them heads at that mournful sound,
Acoming from the nursery room,
Where the little babe child died-
On the berry path you'lla find his tomb.
They say the whole house of them fled right after,
Afearing for their life,
They left their every earthly thing,
Though we don't know for what danger or strife.
But if you'll venture inside there,
Best leave you very quick,
'Cause they say the death of those who stay about,
In that house is still very thick.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 5: If You Are The Bridegroom

< This is only the refrain,
The rest of the song is totally lame. :)>

So, give me a kiss for every time,
A star made my dreams come true,
And give me a hand for every time,
I saw and knew I loved you,
And wrap your arms around me,
For every time I'm scared,
And then I'll know you love me,
And never be unprepared.
For if you are a the bridegroom,
And I am a virgin girl,
I don't want to be one of the five,
Who didn't bring oil,
And got locked out of the house that night.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 4: I'm All Alone By The Light of The Moon

I'm all alone by the light of the moon,
And I'm happy for it to be that way,
I know that you'll be coming her soon,
But I don't have plans to stay,
'Cause I'm not happy here anymore.
I'm gonna fly right out the door,
I've grown my wings; it's time to soar,
I'm goin' away,
Have a lovely stay,
'Cause I'm not happy here anymore.
Someday we're gonna die,
Don'tcha know?
It's as good a time as any to say "goodbye,
I gotta go,"
'Cause I'm not happy here anymore.
If you call I won't answer the phone,
I don't wanna hear from you,
Right now I just need to be alone,
And there's nothing you can do.
Knock as loud as you want,
I'm not comin' to the door,
And I'm not happy here anymore.
Just keep your distance, won't ya' boy?
Your staying here gives me no joy.
I won't stay, I won't play, go away,
'Cause I'm not happy here anymore,
No, I'm not happy here,
This place brings me no cheer,
And I'm not happy here anymore.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 3: This Used To Be A Love Song Refrain.

< This is only the refrain:
The rest of the song is totally lame. :)>

Roses and bows and birds of blue,
A little bit of me and a little bit of you,
The rings and wedding bells and a final I Do.
Babies in the summer turn to big kids in the fall,
WE learn nothing lasts for ever, no, nothing at all.
Oh, this used to be a love son!
Yes, it used to be a love song,
Oh, this used to be a love song!
But nothing lasts for ever, no, nothing at all.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 2: Just An American Dreamer

Come on, count it with me! 1,2,3,4!

American Dreamer!
Don'tcha go thinkin' you're alone!
We know you're an A-A-A-
American Dreamer!
WHOA, Whoa, whoa, Whoooooaaaaa.

You might think you're just an A-A-A
American Dreamer!
But don'tcha ever give up hope!
Your dreams'll come true, someday,
American Dreamer!
WHOA,Whoa, whoa, Whoooooaaaa.

American Dreamer,
Your friends are calling to you!
Come, join us, A-A-A-
Amercan Dreamer!
WHOA,Whoa, whoa, whoooooaaaa.

You may think you're just imagining the voices that you hear,
A-A-A-American Dreamer!
But you're not,my friend, you're not-
You're just dreaming.
American Dreamer.
WHOA, Whoa, whoa, WHOA, Whoa whoa, WHOA, Whoa, whoa, WHOOOOAaaaaaa.

Spoof-Free-A-Thon 1: Ya' Gotta Dream

Have ya' gotta dream?
<Have ya' gotta dream?>
No one's gonna make it,
<No one's gonna make it>
If they don't got their own dream.
Ya' gotta dream!
<Ya' gotta dream!>
Everybody out there!
<Everybody out there!>
When time's are tough,
Ya' Gotta Dream.

Don'tcha lose ya' dream!
<Don'tcha lose ya' dream!>
If you don't gotcha dream,then
<If you don't gotcha dream, then>
How are you gonna make past life's dead end?

Ya' maybe think!
<Ya' maybe think!>
Thatcha don't know,
<Thatcah don't know>
What you want or need.

But everybody's got,
<Everybody's got>
Their very own dream,
<Their very own dream>
You'll find yours someday, if you just day dream.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I've Outgrown My Pants For The Last Time

" You eat too much,"
She said at lunch,
" I'm tired of mending an' buying you pants,
I'm tellin' you Herb, this is your last chance:
You better've outgrown your pants,
For the last time."

I said, "Alrighty, dear,
I'm hearing you loud an' clear,
No need for debat,
I'll lose some weight,
And I've outgrown my pants,
For the last time.
When they say,
' Sir, what'll it be?'
I'll say 'salad and a tea,'
You'll see less of me,
No more chubby-knee,
Smaller lips,
Thinner hips,
'Cause I've outgrown my pants,
For the last time."

Betty-Joe smiled at me,
She was happier than I'd ever seen,
Said, " Herb, I know that you can do it,
You bit this challenge off and you can chew it,
We'll buy a weight machine,
We'll start dieting,
So we've outgrown our pants,
For he last time."

Well, now I'm almost always feeling hungry,
But gosh, my Betty-Joe sure does love me,
I'm lovin' this romance,
She sings and we both dance,
Man, I guess I've outgrown my pants,
For the last time.

<This one isn't a spoof, either. It's old from my other blog, but I'm bringing it back to life here. :)>

I'm a Funky Girl

I'm such a funky girl,
In such a serious world,
You can tell me what to do,
It's all cool,
I'll just do my own thing ,
You can dance but I will sing,
You can smell the roses,
But I'll take my pretty pansies,

So sing with me now:
I'm a funky girl in such a serious world,
So far it isn't working but I'll give it a whirl,
All the diamonds in the world couldn't tame me,
All the people in the world couldn't change me,
I just want o live one day free,
Free of people who don't want me to be me,
But if it can't be that way,
I guess it can't be that way,
And I'll stay and try again, again another day.

I sat down awhile and you pulled me to my feet,
I wanted to rest,
I was feeling beat,
You told me I could do it so I gave it a try,
Now I'm not a foot taller,
But I reach for the sky,

There's a letter on my dresser about ten days old,
I never opened it but the stories been told,
It's the saddest little thing that you ever heard,
But I won't let it bother me,
Never fear,
'Cause I'm a funky girl.

I sit on the porch and I let it swing,
My mouth looks silent but in my heart I sing,
I had my doubts,
But I can do anything,
I can mess up now and I won't care,
I'll have fun while I do it: Yeah, fair is fair.

<This one isn't a spoof, but it's fun. More might follow. :)>

Just Read It

Read it, Just read it
Open up your eyes and see it,
It doesn't matter if it's English or French,
I know you can read it,
So pull up a bench,
And read it, Just read it.
Open up your mouth and speak it,
It doesn't matter if it's fine or large print,
You've got the writing,
So you won't get a hint,
Just read it, Just read it.
If you wanna pass the grade you need it!
If we have to we can use force,
But you're gonna have to read the whole course,
So read it, Just read it.
< Spoof on Just Eat It by Wierd Al and Just Beat It by some other guy :)>

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Could Have Slept All Day

 I could have slept all day,
I could have slept all day,
And still have snoozed some more,
I could have dreamed some dreams,
About a thousand things,
I've never done before,
I'll never know,
What made me feel so sleepy,
Why my eyes began to close,
I only know that I,
Could use some more shut-eye,
I could have slept, slept, slept all day.

< A Spoof On I Could Have Danced All Night, From My Fair Lady>