Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Could Simply Fly Away

I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But I know that I may never find another dream like you.
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
Nothing's keeping me from growing wings now that my dream's come true,
But I know a dream is less than love,
It's a something meant to be our guardian angels wove,
And being here with you and a dream bring's back such memories,
I always know that love contained some mystery,
But as is the way with mysteries I never knew what that mystery could be,
I only know that I have found it now that you're here with me.
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But they say once you fly the dream ends,
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But I think I'll stay and accept the blessings that love sends.
I never quite understood people who thought they could fly,
I thought that any human would fall if they touched the sky,
But I understand completely now that you've set me free,
A dream is nothing compared with a memory.
I could simply fly away if I wanted to,
But all I really want is to stay right here with you.

< This is a really long one I just randomly came up with while matching socks the other day. Although it doesn't make much sense, I thought it was really pretty, and had to write it down quickly in my poetry notebook before I forgot it. Thanks to Gooey for bringing the notebook to me, since I forgot it in my room when I got on. :) >

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Spoof On Amarillo Sky

Dark and Stormy Sky
 We just take our feet another round,
And pull ourselves up of the ground,
And send up another prayer,
We say, Lord I know I complain and maybe ask why,
But please don't let my best friend die,
Underneath, underneath,
This dark and stormy sky.

< This is a spoof on the refrain for Amarillo sky. If you want the full lyrics of the original song, I'm posting them on Buzz. Or, if you aren't on Buzz, I can send them to you. Good song.  :) >

Sunday, September 18, 2011

All Hurt And Friendless

Same Tune as God of All Hopefullness, God of all Joy:

All hurt and Friendless: The Lord is for you!
While others would smite you He'll always be true,
He'll strengthen you in weakness and dry all your tears,
And when you need a friend He is sure to be near.

<This is the first stanza of a hymn I wrote for a friend a long time ago. Unfortunately, I gave them my only copy with out thinking and it's not in the hymnal, so this is all I can remember. 3:)>

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Wan'na Be Like You Spoof

Now I'm the Queen of the Singers,
Oh, the song-writer VIP,
I've reached the top,
And had to stop,
And that's what's bothering me.
I wan'na be a musician, like you Bach,
And compose right through the town,
And be just like the other writers,
I'm tired of piddling around!
Oh, oobee doo,
I wan'na be like you,
I wan'na play like you,
Sing like you, too,
You'll see it's true,
And amateur like me,
Can learn to be great too.
( Gee, cousin Beethoven,
You're doin' real good,
Now here's your part of the deal, cuz,
Lay the secret on me of Chopin's great talent,
But I don't have his talent!)
Now don't try to kid me, Tchaikovsky,
I made a deal with you,
What I desire is Chopin's great talent,
To make my dream come true,
Give me the secret, Brahm's,
Clue me what to do,
Give me the power,
To sing in the shower,
So I can be like you,
I wan'na be like you,
I wan'na sing like you,
Play like you, too,
You'll see it's true,
Someone like me,
Can learn to be,
Like someone like me,
Can learn to be,
Like someone like you,
Can learn to be,
Like someone like me!

< This is a not-so-good spoof on the I Wan'na Be Like You in the Jungle Book. I plan to try some more spoofs for this song, just because it's more challenging than some of the other things I've tried, and this one didn't turn out as nicely as I wanted. Try it yourself and send me what you get! >