Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Naina Bird on Soundcloud

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Like The River

Like the river overflowing
You fill up my heart
And everything I want
Is everything you are.
I thought I was too dirty
To be loved again
But you washed me clean;
You found your way in.
I'm afraid of water;
I'm afraid I'll drown.
But you hold my head above it;
You won't let me go down.
All the things I thought
That I could never do
Have lost their power over me
Now that I have you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I let people go
When I don't have a choice
And I hide my opinions
When I don't have a voice
I can't remember
Who I want to be;
Who do you love
When you say you love me?
It's cold outside,
And cold in my head;
It's cold in my bedroom,
Cold in my bed.
You spark the fire,
But you're too far,
And I can't get
To where you are.
I will be there;
Please wait for me.
You're the last drop
Of life in me.
Don't change your mind;
Don't let your love go.
If you are gone,
I'm out of hope.

Damn Girl

Damn my heart that's too attached,
Damn my grip that won't relax.
Damn my hopes that fly too high,
Damn my mind that's not sure why.
Damn my life that keeps on living,
Damn my hands that keep on giving.
Damn my love that won't stop caring,
Damn my mouth that won't stop sharing.
Damn my smile that won't turn down,
Damn my legs for coming back around.
Damn my arms for holding you,
Damn my promises for following through.
Damn my eyes that won't stop turning,
Damn my soul for always burning.
Damn the girl who wrote this song.
She was damned all along.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Face The Day

I don't want to face this day
But I don't get that choice today
I just need a little time
But my time's not really mine
Today I have to wear that grin
That hides what's going on within
No one needs to know my mind
They just want me to be kind
I wish I could run to you
But you have other things to do
And I'm too old to act this way
I can't be myself today
Just say you love me one more time
Then I'll pretend that I'm alright.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pray For Me

I don't mean a word I say;
Sometimes I just get this way.
I'll draw a map straight to my heart
And find my way back where you are,
So when my blues leave on the wind
I can unite with you again.
Pray for me dear, always pray;
That's all the help I need today.
Please don't forget, if I disappear,
All my love is yours, my dear.

Flowers And Flames

Tell me secrets
In the dark;
Let me find out
Who you are.
Whisper sweet things
In my ear;
Make me think
You want me near.
I was not made
To be loved;
I'm designed
For giving up.
Let me pretend
A day or two
I could belong
To a man like you.
My skin is but
A jail cell
Hiding my own
Private hell.
I wish that I
Could let you in,
But there's no getting
Out again.
Love -- a fun,
A dangerous game.
Can't have the flowers
Without the flames.
You'd be better off alone,
But I wish that I
Could call you Home.

All I Needed Was A Friend

Cut my heart up
Burn it out
I can't feel
These things
Right now.
Scrape my skin
To bloody shreds
Rip the thoughts
Out of my head.
Leave me crying
On the floor.
I can't take this anymore.
All the pain
You could inflict
Would never match
The pain within.
Why does my head
Betray me so
Taking me
Where sorrows grow?
I can't go
Through this again.
/All I needed
Was a friend.

Maybe I'm Not Good Enough

I can't make myself okay
I can't make it go away
I just need to feel loved
Maybe I'm not good enough
I can't keep the tears away
I can't make myself be brave
I can't make you understand
I just need to hold your hand
I can't stop my throbbing heart
I can't help falling apart
I just want to be loved
Maybe I'm not good enough
I can't have you here with me
I can't make you want to be
I can't help taking the blame
I can't help feeling ashamed
I can't help you when it hurts
I am not what you deserve
I want to make you feel loved
Maybe I'm not good enough

Friday, December 1, 2017

Can't Tell You No

It's far too late,
And this isn't right,
But I've been waiting for you
All of my life.
I've been waiting for you
For such a long time;
How could I make myself
Tell you goodbye?
My body is shaking,
And I don't know why.
My body is shaking,
And I'm out of my mind.
Can you feel it, too?
Can you hear me sigh?
I love you, baby;
I can't say good night.
I can't tell you no;
Couldn't if I tried.
I can't tell you no, babe,
And I don't want to fight it.
I long to be near you,
And I can't hide it.
So whisper softly in my ear;
I'll close my eyes,
And wish you here.
And when you're finally
At my side,
I'll pull you closer,
Close as you like.
Then you can kiss
My racing heart,
And we'll never have to
Be apart.