Thursday, May 31, 2018

I Hope

I hope you'll be wise,
I hope you'll be kind
And happy.
I hope that your faith
Will outlast the struggles
That tempt thee.
I hope you'll live long,
And your memory remains
Long after you're gone.
When we think it's the end,
And we've said goodbye
For the last time,
I hope we open our eyes
And we see one another

Rejoice With Me

Rejoice with me,
Although I appear to be crying.
Rejoice with me,
For I know that my brother lives.
Rejoice with me
In the hope of the resurrection.
Rejoice with me,
For I know that I'll see him again.
Rejoice that his sorrows are ended;
Where he is, they trouble him no more.
I cry that he's no longer with me;
I rejoice that I'll be with him once more.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


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The Phillips 66

I stopped for gas on Portage
And I watched all the cars
Hurrying to places
Where they don't even want to be.
There's a thousand different noises
As I fill up my car
And the distinct,
Disgusting smell of gasoline.
There's a lady with her daughter
A man with his brother
But I stand here alone,
Going nowhere.
You're miles away from me,
A different state,
New scenery;
If I had the time and money,
I'd be there.
These seven months together
Have been seven months apart,
And I want to share much more
Than the moon.
When can I hear your laugh?
When can I hold your hand?
I know the wait is not forever,
But I need to see you soon.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Naina Bird on Soundcloud

Listen to my recording of "Naina Bird" on Soundcloud!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Like The River

Like the river overflowing
You fill up my heart
And everything I want
Is everything you are.
I thought I was too dirty
To be loved again
But you washed me clean;
You found your way in.
I'm afraid of water;
I'm afraid I'll drown.
But you hold my head above it;
You won't let me go down.
All the things I thought
That I could never do
Have lost their power over me
Now that I have you.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I let people go
When I don't have a choice
And I hide my opinions
When I don't have a voice
I can't remember
Who I want to be;
Who do you love
When you say you love me?
It's cold outside,
And cold in my head;
It's cold in my bedroom,
Cold in my bed.
You spark the fire,
But you're too far,
And I can't get
To where you are.
I will be there;
Please wait for me.
You're the last drop
Of life in me.
Don't change your mind;
Don't let your love go.
If you are gone,
I'm out of hope.

Damn Girl

Damn my heart that's too attached,
Damn my grip that won't relax.
Damn my hopes that fly too high,
Damn my mind that's not sure why.
Damn my life that keeps on living,
Damn my hands that keep on giving.
Damn my love that won't stop caring,
Damn my mouth that won't stop sharing.
Damn my smile that won't turn down,
Damn my legs for coming back around.
Damn my arms for holding you,
Damn my promises for following through.
Damn my eyes that won't stop turning,
Damn my soul for always burning.
Damn the girl who wrote this song.
She was damned all along.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Face The Day

I don't want to face this day
But I don't get that choice today
I just need a little time
But my time's not really mine
Today I have to wear that grin
That hides what's going on within
No one needs to know my mind
They just want me to be kind
I wish I could run to you
But you have other things to do
And I'm too old to act this way
I can't be myself today
Just say you love me one more time
Then I'll pretend that I'm alright.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Pray For Me

I don't mean a word I say;
Sometimes I just get this way.
I'll draw a map straight to my heart
And find my way back where you are,
So when my blues leave on the wind
I can unite with you again.
Pray for me dear, always pray;
That's all the help I need today.
Please don't forget, if I disappear,
All my love is yours, my dear.