Thursday, October 30, 2014

Firing Squad

( I want to remember to edit this later; it doesn't really make sense to have a refrain when there's only one verse. :P )

You declared me not guilty;
You told me that you'd help me through this.
You told me that you loved me,
Knowing that I didn't believe it.
You smiled that smile,
You wrinkled those eyes;
You held my hand,
And told me lies, all lies.
Why, if you meant it all,
Why did you join the firing squad?
Why did you push me up against the wall,
And point the finger at me?
WHY did you say it
If it didn't mean anything?

The Goodbye Will Be Gone

You broke your heart;
Split it in two.
Forgot your favorite song;
Alright, I'll write a new one for you.
We're moving on...
So turn up the volume,
And we'll drive all night;
Put your sunglasses on,
We're heading for the sunrise.
Kiss yesterday goodbye,
And let yourself forget;
The goodbye will be gone
When we reach our exit.
The goodbye will be gone;
The goodbye will be gone.
And when they welcome us
They'll say,
"Welcome to tomorrow

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Someday The Rain (I'm Without You)

Here I lay,
On the ground,
All my mistakes around me.
I'm not okay,
I know the rain,* 
Someday the rain,
Will come
And wash you all away;
Wash you all away.
But I'll still be here
Who I am
Without you.
What am I going to do
Without you?
What am I going to do?
I'm without you;
I'm without you.

Here I lay,
I can't get up;
I'm surrounded.
What's that you say?
Am I okay?
Well, no;
What do you think?
Can't you see I'm crying?
Someday the rain
Will fall on my face
And wash my tears
But here I'll stay;
Here I'll stay,
Still wondering.



You saved the goodbye for last;
I guess I knew we'd never last,
Even though you said that we would,
I kinda knew we never could.
You tore our hands apart,
Like shredding a piece of art.
We used to be connected at the hip;
You used to touch me with your lips.
We were beautiful, baby,
We were beautifully good.
We were entwined.

You saved your goodbyes for last;
I guess I knew you wouldn't* make it fast,
Even though you said you would,
I kinda knew you never could.
You tore your hand from** mine;
You pushed me off of the high wire.
We used to never be apart,
But them you went and broke my heart.
We used to be beautiful;
We were beautifully entwined.
We were beautifully entwined.
We were beautifully entwined.
We were entwined, baby,
We were entwined,

You saved the goodbye for last;
I guess I knew you never really loved me
Like that.
Even thought you said you'd never leave,
You are; you're taking your love away from me.
You tore your hand away
When I begged you to stay.
You used to be here;
You were mine.
I guess I wasted so much time.***
We used to be joined at the hip;
We used to touch, lip to lip.
We were beautiful, baby.
We were so beautiful, baby.
We were entwined.
Our hands;
They were entwined.

*you'd never?
**out of?
***You wasted so much of my time?

I Wanna Make You Smile

You were running with your dreams in your hands,
You fell down and they scattered;
Now you can't find them.
You lost everything you had
But the mem'ries, which have all gone bad.
All your well thought plans have crumbled;
You were flying high, and now you're humbled.
I wish I could make you smile;
You haven't done that in awhile.
Come on, get back on your feet;
You're gonna be okay, just listen to me.
Come on, it's gonna be okay;
Welcome, welcome to today, today.
I wanna make you,
Make you smile.
Get up, you're gonna be alright;
Be glad, be glad that you're alive.
I wanna make you,
Make you smile.
I'm gonna make you,
Make you smile
Today, today, today, aaah.
Welcome to today, today, today, aaah, aaah.

You were flying high when your airplane crashed;
You left a scar in the ground
That's still tracing your path.
You were the only one on board;
They all left you, broken, scarred, and torn.
You were sailing smooth when your ship went down;
They took the life vests; no one* to be found.
They left you all alone,**
Clinging to your*** phone.****
I wanna make you, 
Make you smile;
I'm gonna make you,
Make you smile.

*Not one?
**So I guess that/looks like you drowned?

Sometimes Not (Waiting For Your Letter)

I'm waiting for you letter;
The one you said you sent.
We've been writing to each other quite a lot-
But sometimes... not. Sometimes not.
I'm waiting for your letter;
The last one that you wrote.
You know that I love you quite a lot-
But sometimes... not. Sometimes not.
I don't know why.
I guess I
Just hate you sometimes,
Because sometimes I even hate myself,
And she loves you.
I want you.
I don't need you.
I don't even need myself-
I just need to run away.
Maybe then you'd be okay, be okay-
But... sometimes... maybe... not. Maybe not!
I'm waiting for your letter;
I'm waiting for your letter.
I could wait forever-
But sometimes... not...

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Staircase

( Just posted this elsewhere, but it hasn't posted it yet because it has to be reviewed first. Anyway, here it is on SAB. You guys get to see everything, whether it's posted elsewhere or not. Hope you like it! ;) )

I'm standing on an invisible staircase,
A wiggly-wobbly staircase.
I try to stand still,
But to stay on my feet I must move.
Sometimes I climb up the staircase;
Sometimes I fall down the staircase;
Sometimes I'm pushed down the staircase.
I meet friends and family and foe here;
I play, work, and learn here.
Sometimes I think that it's blue;
As blue as ocean, sky and tears.
Sometimes I think it's red;
Angry and passionate; uncontrollably fierce.
Sometimes I think that it's yellow;
Like the sun, bubbling over with happiness.
Sometimes I think it's white, and calm,
And sometimes black as death.
I feel on this staircase;
I feel everything.
I feel for me; I feel for you.
I feel confused about what I should do.
I cry here; I lie here;
I pray and testify here.
I eat here; I sleep here;
My friends and I meet and greet here.
Do you feel like you're on a staircase?
I'm on an imaginary staircase.

My Mind

( I originally posted this elsewhere and forgot about it. But I love it, and found it, and want to re-post it here. :) )

My mind is like a little house,
My peers break into.
They rearrange my furniture,
And the cabinets rifle through.
They throw things out,
They put things in,
And erase the writing on the wall,
And by the time that they walk out,
It's not my mind at all.