Friday, December 16, 2016

Let Me

Let me love you when you can't;
Let me hold your shaking hand.
Let me listen to your heart,
And remind you who you are.
Let me string your broken lights;
Let me stay by your side.
Let me hear you say goodnight;
Let me know you're still alive.
I won't tell you it's okay;
Just let me pick you a bouquet.
You don't have to fake a smile;
Just let me be your friend awhile.
If you want, I'll go away,
But I'll still love you anyway.
If you can't stand me anymore,
I'll try to love you all the more.
And if you come to realize
You need a friend, just know you're mine.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

For You...

Let me sing you songs
To calm your aching heart,
And hold you so tight
That you can't fall apart.
Let me only listen
Til you've nothing else to say,
Then listen to your silence,
And to your wordless pain.
It has taken time
To learn to trust each other,
But by now you should know
I trust you more than any other.
Not every sky is the perfect shade of blue,
But when your clouds are gray,
Remember that I love you.
You don't have to let go;
Some pain is worth holding on to,
But when it gets too heavy,
I'll hold on with you.
You'll always be beautiful,
Even when you're crying;
Darling, please keep living
When you feel like dying.
Even though you're sometimes
Very far away,
Remember that you're here
In my thoughts every day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Let's Not Bother

 I know that we're just friends,
But I wish that we weren't.
Nothing ever changes,
And it's getting on my nerves.
I don't know what to say,
And I guess neither do you;
We never even started,
And we're already through.
I wish that you'd say something,
Then you say words that hurt,
And between the two,
I don't know which is worse.
I'm tired of living
If I'm living all alone,
But when I try to broach the subject
You always tell me not to go.
Do you know that you're confusing?
I'm just giving up.
Let's not bother being friends;
Let's not bother with love.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Another Stupid Goodbye Song

All you do is give, 
And all I do is take.
Maybe you don't mind,
But I don't think it's okay.
I wanted a friend;
I didn't want a slave,
But we can't be friends
If I don't contribute anything.
I have to go away;
Don't expect a word.
What can I say?
Please just let me love you
In my own way.
Don't try to tell me
This isn't what you want.
How would you have a clue
Until you know I'm gone?
I've thought about it
More and more each day,
And I see no other choice;
How else can I behave?
I don't believe in love;
I don't believe a thing.
I thought you'd change my mind,
But nothing is changing.