Saturday, March 16, 2013

'Pious' Games

< No pics this time. This isn't technically a song; it's the results of a game that Naina-Bird, Bethany and I played at Organ Workshop. It's edited a bit for privacy's sake. See if you can still find the pattern! The whole 'pious' thing was a joke; we kept saying 'pious' when we meant pies. Like Cherry Pious.  No offense. :) >

Tree House,
House Nail,
Nail Box,
Box Cube,
Pickle Jar,
Think of you,
Of your Brain,
Brain Surgeon,
Surgeon Mask,
Parade of Elephants,
Elephants March,
March North,
North Wind,
Wind Blows,
Blows Up,
Up There,
There Where,
Where Is,
Is What,
What's That,
That Cat,
Cat Whiskers,
Whiskers, John!
Johnny Appleseed,
Appleseed, Oui,
 Oui, Monsieur,
Monsieur DeLain,
The Lain is Narrow,
Is Narrowing,
Us Who,
Ever After,
After Tomorrow,
Tomorrow Morning,
Morning Break,
Break a Leg,
A Leg Up,
Stares Blankly,
Blank Paper,
Paper Clip,
Board Game,
Game Parlor,
Parlor Trick,
Ze Phone,
Phone Call,
Goat Cheese,
Cheese Maker,
Make her some Coffee,
Here's Some Coffee For You,
Before you Leave,
Leaf Raker,
Raker's Rake,
Some Great Cranberries,
Cranberry Sauce,
Sauce Dish,
Rah Rah Team!
Raw Team's Meet,
Smee and Hook,
Hook, Line, and Sinker,
Line, Sinker, and Sailor,
And Sail Her Away,
Away With You,
With You and Me,
And Me is Hungry,
Is Hungry Enough,
Enough  Chit-Chat,
Chit-Chat Maker,
Maker of "Pious,"
Of Pious Composure,
Compose Yourself,
You're Self Assured,
Assured of Forgiveness,
Of Forgiveness For You,
For Your Higher Things Conference,
Higher Things Conference Speaker,
Speak Up,
Up Town,
Town Folkses,
Folkses Talkses,
Talks about Taxes,
About Tax Returns,
 Returns Home,
Lord of All Righteousness,
Of All Righteousness and Piousness,
Pious is Good,
Good Grief,
Grieve This Pious Person,
This Pious Good Person,
Person Named Sam Walker,
Walk off a Cliff Really,
Really Good Pious,
Good Pious and Whipped Cream,
And Whipped Cream With Sprinkles,
With Sprinkles of Rain,
Of Rain and Kings and Many Things,
And Kings and Many Things to Come,
To Come to a Conclusion,
To Conclude that You Are Crazy,
You are Crazy, Yep!
Yep, I Will Go Jump in the Lake,
I Will Go Jump in the Lake Someday, But Now Now,
Someday But Not Now My Prince Will Come,
My Prince Will Come To Carry Me Away,
To Carry Me Away Takes Someone Very Strong,
Takes Someone Very Strong-Hearted,
"Hearted" Necessity,
Necessity Likes Cherries In Her "Pious,"
Likes Cherries In Her Pious and Chocolate,
And Chocolate Cream On Top,
On Top of Mount Smoeky,
Mount Smokey Labor,
Labor Union,
Unions Are Usually Stupid,
Are Usually Stupid Sounding,
Sounding Strange,
Strange Happen Circumstance,
"Happen Circumstances" Every Day,
Every Day I Eat Cherry Pious and Jump In The Lake,
I Eat Cherry Pious and Jump In The Lake For My Morning Exercise,
For My Morning Exercise I Sky Dive,
I Sky Dive Into The Lake,
Into The Lake I Push Annoying People,
I Push Annoying People Into "Pious,"
Pious Class Christ Academy Boys Should Take,
Christ Academy Boys Should Take Theology,
Theology "Pious" Are My Favorite,
"Pious" Are My Favorite Dessert,
Desert Heat,
Heat The "Pious,"
The Pious Girls Is Not Poison,
Girls is Not Poisonous,
Us Is Not Poison,
Is Not Poisoning Those Guys,
In Those Guys's Classes,
Is Class In L-4?
In L-4 There Is An Organ,
There Is An Organ Player,
Play The Game,
The Game is More Fun With You,
Is More Fun With You Around,
Around The Cobbler's Bench,
The Cobbler's Bench Is Made of "Pious,"
Is Made of "Pious" and Lakes,
And Lakes and Pious Are Fun To Jump In,
And "Pious" Are Fun To Jump In, But Not Now,
But Not Now, In Another Section of Town,
In Another Section of Town Somebody is Making "Pious,"
Somebody is Making "Pious" All Wrong,
All Wrongly Accused,
Accused of Jumping In The Lake,
The Lake of Frozen Tears,
Frozen Tears and Crushed Dreams,
Crushed Dreams Make Good "Pious,"
Make Good "Pious" For You Best Friend,
For Your Best Friend I Will Jump In The Lake,
I Will Jump In The Lake Only If You're With Me.