Saturday, September 27, 2014

My Music

(This might have come out a little harsher than I meant it to... :P Anyway. I don't own these pictures. If they're yours and you'd like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will. Thank you! )

You sound like a fool
When you tell me what to do;
What music to listen to...
You tell me what to read,
What to wear and what to eat,
Who to love and who to meet.
Man, that's not cool;
Why don't you follow your own rules?
I'll pick my own music;
You go back to school.
I don't care what you think,
'Bout Taylor Swift or Anna Nalick;
It's my walkman;
You don't have to listen to it.

If you don't like my songs,
Then you don't have to read 'em.
I gotta put my feelings somewhere,
So why not in a song?
This is how I vent;
No one's makin' you sing along.
You don't have to read
All the books on my shelf.
You don't have to like my
Friends or food or clothes;
I'l like them myself.

You sound like a fool
When you tell me what to do;
Man, I won't do it.
What music to listen to;
Man, that's not my music.
You sound like a fool
When you tell me what to listen to;
But this is my walkman,
And I'll listen to it.
Yeah, this is my music,
And I'll listen to it.
I'll listen to it.

Throw Your Stones

( I don't own this picture. If it's yours and you would like it removed, please let me know, and I'll remove it. Thanks! )

I did it for you,
So don't call me names;
I'm not asking for notice,
Praise, thanks, or fame.
Just don't yell at me,
Question, complain, and criticize.
You would see how deep it cuts,
If you would look me in the eyes.
I don't want to play your games;
I'm about to give up.
I didn't want to lose you,
But I have heard enough.
I'm warning you, 
Before I go;
If you want me to stay,
Think before you throw your stones.

I thought I loved you,
But do you love me?
I'm not asking you for much;
No sympathy.
Just don't knock me down;
Have you nothing else you can do?
You used to be my hero;
Did you know I looked up to you?
But it's not okay to say
All the things that you do;
I will not let myself die
So I can cling to you.
Don't say sorry;
I wouldn't go
If you'd only think
Before you start throwing stones.

Oh, if you love me
Then why would you say
All of those things
To cause me pain?
If you want me to stay,
Then why would you do
All of those things
I'd never do to you?*
I don't wanna leave;
I don't wanna go,
But if I'm gonna stay,
Then I need to know
That you'll think before
You start throwing stones
At me.

*That friends don't do? Lovers don't do? Kind people don't do? Good people don't do?

Afford The Pain (Hello Again)

( :P I guess for me this is sort of a mix of a bunch of things. The ending, though? I have no idea where that came from. This was originally just supposed to be another friendship song.)

It's already five o' clock,
And I just don't know what to do;
Everything I ever loved
Had something to do with you.
I don't want to forget
You're beautiful smile,
Or all those good memories,
But were they worth the pain
Of goodbye?
Goodbye, Goodbye,
I said;
Goodbye, Goodbye,
You said,
Til our paths should
Cross again.
Goodbye, Goodbye;
We just fool ourselves.
Goodbye, Goodbye;
We are by ourselves.
Oh, I don't know if
I can afford the pain.

It's already been five years,
And I just can't stop missing you.
I've gotta get out of here;
I've got nothing left to lose.
But why should I forget
All the memories,
When the painful goodbye is
Now a permanent part
Of me?

I don't want to say hello;
Won't tell anyone hello again.
Everyone I ever loved
Has had to go away;
Everybody I loved.
I am done with friends;
I can't say goodbye again.
Oh, but maybe I'm wrong;
What if I am?

Well, it's five o' clock now;
I'm writing a letter to you.
Just what you made me promise
I'd remember to do.
Everything that I've loved,
It points back to you.
And so you may be gone now,
But I don't want to lose you.
I won't lose you.

Hello again;
I have to believe.
We'll cross paths again,
You and me.
Hello again;
I just can't give up.
I'll finally tell you
That I'm in love...
Hello again.

Your Face

+Alena Grobien  I know this will make you laugh:)
(I don't own these pictures. If they're yours and you'd like me to remove them, please let me know, and I will! Thank you! :) )

Your eyes are like the stars burning in the sky;
I can feel them burning, burning into mine.
I feel like you can see right through me;
Every single thought, every memory.
I'm not sure it's a feeling I like,
'Cuz I'm not the kind to ever open up.
I just know that I like you,
And maybe that's enough.

So follow me; we're racing to the tracks;
When we get there we can just collapse.
And I'm laughing, 'cuz I thought
That you were only my friend,
But now I never want you to let go of my hand.*

Your nose wrinkles when you'er laughing with me;
You're smile's gonna be my favorite memory.
Your face is a beautiful thing;
'Speci'lly when it looks at me.
Boy, I never thought someone could fall in love with me.

Keep holding my hand as you walk me home;
I don't ever want you to let go.
Please forget about your phone;
Don't listen to it ringing.
If you touch it then we'll no longer be alone.

Let me tell you things that no one else knows;
Let me unboard all of my windows.
Let me take the rusty lock
Off of the door on my heart;
One look in your eyes, and I never want to be apart.

I never dance, but you make me want to;
You can wash away my midnight blues.
Just take my other hand, boy;
Just tell me what to do.
You can make your whole family and me rock with you.

You fit me just right, like a brand new shoe;
I only want to hold hands with you;
Only want to see your face.
Promise you'll never leave;
Promise that the only girl you'll ever love is me.

* But now I never want to let go of your hand?