Saturday, June 20, 2015

Just A Junior Love

Just a junior love,
Just a little crush;
Surely it won't last.
Just a little laugh,
Just a little blush;
Surely it won't stay.
This isn't good;
This isn't good.
We aren't meant to be.
I'll hurt you,
Just like other
People have hurt me.
A small mistake;
A misunderstanding.
That's all this can be.
You deserve happiness;
And I...
I don't deserve anything.
Just a junior love,
Just a little love;
It's sure to go away.
Just a little glance,
Just a little blush;
I don't mean to feel this way.
This isn't good;
This isn't good;
I only wanted to be friends.
A small mistake
Is all it takes,
And another good one ends...

Fade Away

(Not what I imagined... but what did I imagine...? :P )

I'm not afraid of dying;
I'm afraid to fade away.
No matter how many love me,
I'll be forgot one day.
It shouldn't make a difference;
Chances are I won't be here.
But for some reason it frightens me
That I could simply disappear.
I could make an impact,
But even that won't last;
Someday it will be
As if I was never here;
Like a  dead leaf,
Swept into the past.

Drowning Dry

I'm in a sea of people,
Surrounded on all sides.
I can't see above them;
I'm drowning,
Drowning dry.
I try to catch my breath,
But I feel like I'm gonna die.
I don't know who to turn to;
I'm drowning,
Drowning dry.
I can't make myself an island;
I can't just slip on by.
Someone will stop to greet me;
I'm drowning,
Drowning dry.
I close my eyes a moment;
I lean against the wall.
I pretend that I'm not here,
And I might not drown at all...?

Someone's in the corner
And in the corner of my eye.
Alone, I'm not alone;
We both think we're drowning dry.
Maybe I'll walk over;
Maybe I'll say hi.
Maybe I'll stop somebody
Else from drowning dry.
Wait, but I don't know them;
Is it really worth a try?
Maybe I'll just stay here,
And let myself drown dry...

Someone taps my shoulder;
I hear somebody sigh.
I feel someone pull me to shore,
And I'm not drowning dry.
I fight it on the inside;
They ask me if I'm shy.
"No... I just... I feel like...
I'm drowning,
Drowning dry."
They cock their head a little;
They sort of blink their eyes.
"I never heard it put like that;
Drowning dry...?
"Well, you aren't the only one;
Everyone drowns sometimes.
You'll just have to save yourself;
Instead of drowning, learn to fly."

Fly... I'm not a flyer...
I smile, and say goodbye...
How should they know?
They aren't the one who's drowning,
Drowning dry.
I can't talk to people;
And no, I can't say why.
I just need to leave now,
Lest I should drown dry.

A Piece Of Paper

A piece of paper
In the street;
A piece of a person
Crushed under feet.
A piece of a memory;
A letter? A song?
A picture of someone
Who's gone... too gone.
Someone may miss it;
Or perhaps they don't care.
But it looks sort of sad,
Just lying there.
Does it make you feel lonely?
Does it make you feel cold?
Does it make you remember?
Does it make you feel old?
Just a small piece of paper;
Maybe folded, maybe torn.
There are so many like it;
They look so forlorn.
Do you pick it up?
Do you read it?
Do you throw it away?
Is it dead? Is it stolen?
What does it say?
A photo of lovers,
Or somebody's pet?
A grocery list,
A poem,
A story,
A sketch?
A living memory,
Of what they wish they had said?
How many times
Do you think it's been read?
If you looked it over,
Would it be wrong?
The wind's picking up,
And the paper is gone...

My Beautiful Friend...

...A letter to you,
To let you know how much I care.
It's been too long,
And words stick in my throat,
But I think I can take it from here...
Have you ever seen the willow tree,
And the way it loves the ground?
Have you ever seen the black bird fly,
And the way it loves the sky?
There's a closeness there,
A needing there,
A healthy kind of thing.
A holding up,
A holding on,
And yet, a certain letting go.
So you are too me;
So it is with us.
You are my holding up,
And my holding on,
And you are my letting go.
You are my wings,
My clouds,
My sunshine.
You are my branches,
My roots,
My trunk.
I remember a time that we laughed;
I remember a time that we smiled.
I remember a time we shut the doors
And we cried
And we didn't have to know why.
Have you ever seen an island,
And the way the sea keeps it safe?
Have you ever seen a flower,
And how it feeds the bees?
Have you ever seen the sun set,
With a promise to come back?
My friend, when I see you, just us,
You make me feel like that.
I know that you've had tears,
And I can't truly keep you safe,
But when I see you dance,
What I actually see is Life.