Sunday, April 6, 2014

Excuse Me

( I'm thinking of removing the last verse... It just isn't what I had in mind...)

Excuse me,
Excuse me
If I'm not ready to give up.

'Cause we don't have to be
In love to be friends;
I don't know what this
Crazy world's thinkin'.
But I don't need to know
What they think of me;
I just need to know
If you agree.
'Cause I
Think we have somethin'
Worth saving.

Excuse me,
Excuse me
If I don't think we should say goodbye.
Let's hang on for the memories,

'Cause we might know by now
That this isn't love,
But just look at all your other friends
And say it's not enough.*
So don't ask me not to be there
For you;
You oughta know by now
I still believe in you.

Excuse me,
Excuse me
If I still like you well enough.

Now what kinda gentle lady
Would I be,
If I gave up our friendship
'Cause you're not in love with me?
It might cut deep
When you make me smile,
But I respect the memories,
So I'll be sticking 'round awhile.

*And you'll see it's still enough?

It's Never Okay

I didn't just stop believing,
Though I know that I used to believe;
I just can't describe this strange feeling,
That's taking the strength out of me.
I think I might've done something wrong,
I just don't know what it is.
I might recall it before too long,
But it won't matter by then,
'Cause sometimes sorry comes too late,
And sometimes I'm the one to blame,
And sometimes you say it's okay,
But it's never okay.
It's never okay.

Never Left Square One

I'm turning out the lights;
You misunderstood me again.
I don't wanna fight;
Better not to say a thing.
So you keep messaging me,
But you're just wearing me out;
I've tried so hard for so long,
But now I'm starting to doubt.
Every time you smile,
It's followed by a shout;
Every dime we earn
Is more debt in our account,*
And it seems like
We never left square one.

Is this really love
If I'm just avoiding you?
Is it just an act;
Is it just a game to you?
I kinda feel like
Nothing you say is true,
'Cause we don't really make up,
You just make an excuse.
Why is every hug
Followed by the boot?
And why is every laugh
Suspicious to you?
Sometimes I think
We never left square one.

 * I don't really like these lines, but I couldn't think of another rhyme... :P