Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I want to work on this one more, but knowing me, I probably won't, so might as well post it.

Maybe I'll find
Somebody else;
Maybe I only
Need myself.
Maybe I need
Some time to think things through;
Maybe I need
To talk about it.
Maybe I should
Forget about it.
Maybe I need
To make more friends like you.
Three weeks since
It all went down;
It's time I figured out 
My next move.
I could act like
Nothing's happened;
What do I have to lose?

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Friday, March 17, 2017

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Do You Feel The Same?

If I stay because I love you,
Then who is loving me?
If I stay because I need you,
Why did you never leave?
I've got to hold myself up,
So you can take your heart away.
I knew it was dumb to want you,
But I wanted anyway.
If I tell you that I'm happy,
Are you lying too?
And if I have to see you,
What am I gonna do?
Tell me, was it easy?
Did you feel any pain?
Then suddenly it's my move,
But I don't know what to say.
It's gotten complicated
To get out of this mess;
The ladder is just long enough
To get halfway there, at best.
Would it have been better
If I'd never known your name?
I'm tempted to think so;
Do you feel the same?
My bedroom is too quiet;
My thoughts are all of you.
I'm looking for distraction;
I need something to do.
I think that it's ironic;
You never would approve.
But we're not talking anymore,
So I have nothing left to lose.
I survived before I met you;
I'll survive now that you're gone.
If there are five stages of grieving,
Which stage am I on?
I bounce around the phases;
Acceptance takes too long.
Sometimes I think I've got it,
But I turn out to be wrong.
I'm sorry I'm depressing,
And I let people down,
But I don't resent your happiness;
Please don't hate me for my frown.
Would it have been better
If you'd never known my name?
I've always been afraid of that;
Do you feel the same?

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Book Update

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Little Self Promotion...

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Girl That Wasn't There

I've imagined kissing a boy that wasn't mine;
Loved someone I had to tell goodbye.
Tried to hold onto something that wasn't there.
I believed something that wasn't true;
Thought he could be mine,
But he belongs with you.
I'll step aside to let you through;
Even in love and war,
Some things aren't fair.
I'm the girl that wasn't there.
I fell for a boy who wasn't even around;
I set my hopes on shaky ground.
Can you forgive me for how much I cared?
I didn't know that he'd fallen in love;
I didn't know you'd be the one.
Never meant to want him so much;
Never meant to come undone.
I guess we don't choose who we love.
When he asked you out, I was unaware;
I'm the girl that wasn't there.

My Halo

Dusty, dirty, down the drain;
There goes my halo again.
I always drop it;
It always falls.
It's a wonder I have one at all.
Somehow, my friends don't see the stains;
The cracks, the dents, the peeling paint.
Somehow strangers see a saint.
In my room, the lights are off;
My eyes are closed.
The door is locked.
Keep out; keep out.
Don't come in.
I'm gluing my halo again.
I feel Satan pick my brain;
He's going to drag me down again.
Shut your mouth;
Please stop talking.
How am I still here,
When my feet keep walking?
Oh good gravy;
Am I insane?
Maybe pain can take away the pain.
Red on white;
Black on red.
Wicked thoughts race through my head.
Oh, how funny.
Oh, who cares.
My halo is beyond repair.

From The Distance

Avoid what's wrong;
Do what's right.
Keep your neighbor's needs in mind;
Prove to him that somebody's there.
When he needs someone,
Stretch out your hand;
When others doubt,
Give him a chance.
Be the one he knows will always care.
Sometimes he'll need you to talk;
Sometimes he'll need someone to just listen.
Sometimes, you can only love him
From the distance.
If his words sting,
Forgive the guy;
When your words hurt him,
Even if he tells you it's okay.
If he meets somebody,
Step away;
Don't make her think
You're in her way,
Even if it hurts to let him go.
Some things may have to be said;
Some things he won't need to know,
And some he'll find out on his own,
Even if you tell him they aren't true.
Sometimes you give someone your heart,
Piece by piece, part by part,
Just to find that they'll never love you.
You'll find you can no longer talk;
You'll find that you have nothing left to give him.
Then you know you have to love him
From the distance.