Monday, April 27, 2015

Down By The Water

(A song I wrote for "Goose Feathers.")

Down by the water where the snakes swim,
She promised, she promised,
She promised to meet him.
Down by the water in the dark of night,
The moon shone, the moon shone,
On their secret its light.
Don't think, my darling, and don't run away;
I promise, I promise,
We'll marry one day.”

Down by the water where bare feet tread
Slipping, and sliding, until she lay dead.
Down by the water where they promised to meet,
The moon shone, the moon shone,
On her bitten feet.
Confusion and terror, and telling of lies,
And a whisper, soft whisper,
I'm sorry. Goodnight.”

Down by the water time has gone by;
Daughters forgotten, promises die,
But still people meet, and joy may be found,
In daylight, by sunlight,
With love all around...

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Dark In Here; Goodnight, Goodnight

It's dark in here;
I can't sleep.
I've numbed my heart,
So it can't see.
I lie to you
To lie to me.
We're not okay;
I can't be free.
I'm so alone.
I'm so sorry.
I just don't know,
When to let it be.
I'm falling fast,
I'm breaking slow;
I just can't seem
To let it go.
No, no you're wrong.
I know you are.
I have to keep
Your heart unscarred.
Lock it up,
Lock it up tight;
Throw away the key,
And let's not fight.
I'm okay;
No, no I'm not.
But you can't see
Me fall apart.
I'm wrong for you;
Are you wrong for me?
I toss and turn;
I cry; I dream.
No, no, no,
Something's not right.
It's dark in here;
Goodnight... Goodnight...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I'm So Sorry (Can't Ask You To Forgive Me)

(This song is like one huge editing note... :P )

I'm so sorry;
I know the fault is mine.
I can finally see
That I wasn't right;
I can't say I didn't mean it at the time,*
But if I could,
You know I'd turn back time.
Forgive me!
I can't ask you to forgive me
When I can't forgive myself;
I'll understand completely
If you put me back on the shelf.
You're better off alone,
And I'll feel less guilty
If the only one I'm hurting
In the future is me.
I'm so sorry;
I know I let you down.
You made me your queen of hearts,
And I threw away the crown. **
You were my friend;
You were always there for me.
You needed my friendship/help/hand,***
And I hid in the sea. ****
Forgive me!
How could you forgive me
When I almost let you drown?*****
I wish that I was everything
That you think of me,
But I'm just a terrible person/friend,
Who can't bear to set you free.******

*last night?
** You gave me your heart, (And) I turned your smile upside down/to a frown?
*** I took your paddle/life vest and sent you off to sea?
**** (And) I (let you get) lost (you) at sea?
***** let you down?
******Who's terribly lucky? Who's got to learn to let you be? Who's love is poisoning?