Wednesday, July 16, 2014


She says a beautiful night can make you blind;
She lays her head on my shoulder,
And says she hopes I don't mind.
I tell her to take as long as she needs.
She says she doesn't believe in miracles;
I tell her she's a miracle,
She says a miracles just the thing she needs.
She says she doesn't know how to love me;
I say it wouldn't hurt her to try.
She starts crying and I wish I hadn't;
She says she sorry and goodbye.
I'm alone in the darkness;
She's alone in the night,
And I wanna go find her,
But it doesn't seem right.

Don't You Know

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Third times lucky, so they said,
But also three strikes and you're dead;
Makes me scared to love again,
Don't you know?
Everyone lies, or else they leave;
I just want someone who's there for me,
And makes me want to fall in love again,
Don't you know?
Handsome's fine, and so is charm,
But what I want's an "I'll do no harm,"
And a man to teach me what trust is again,
Don't you know?
So if you feel like me,
Then go on and grab a seat;
I'm willing to talk at least.
You're a refreshing change
From the views of the modern age,
And at least we could be friends.
Don't you know,
You feel like my first time again?

Take Me Somewhere

(I do not own this picture. If it's yours and you'd like me to remove it, please let me know and I will. Thanks!)

I got my nice clothes on;
I'm ready to go somewhere,
If you'll only take me,
So just-a grab your keys;
Would you if I said please?
It's the perfect night
To go for a drive,
If you'll only take me
So baby, don't say no;
Us to could take a stroll.
I'm all dressed up to go
*Tonight is perfect, see?
It's just-a you and me,
If you'll only take me
Out there.*

** I can not make my mind up on these lines. I've edited them and edited them, and I can NOT get something I like perfectly. -_- :P

Stop Hiding

You've got secrets to hide
And mistakes to cover;
You don't trust your best friend,
So you're finding another.
You like your grays
More than the blacks and the whites;
Day time comes, and you wish it was night.
Oh, my friend,
I can tell you think you're broken.
You're always trying to change yourself;
You're a mix of contradictions.
Oh, my friend,
I can see you don't know who you're meant to be.
You've got a long line of ex-friends on your shelf,
And you're whoever you think will make them pleased.
But oh, my friend, just listen to me;
You're the only one you're ever gonna be.
Promise me you'll stop hiding.