Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Shooting Star

That castle in the garden that you planted,
Is something that we only imagines.
I never thought that we'd grow up the way we did,
After so much time of simply being kids.
'Cause you are my shooting star,
Flying away from a wish never granted,
And I look up to you,
More than I ever did.
And I always think of you,
When I think of happiness,
'Cause you're not just a game I played,
To pass the day,
No, I know who you are;
You're my shooting star.

We grew up, we had a fight and parted ways;
I fell asleep crying most of those days.
I told myself that things were gonna change someday;
They finally did when I saw you pass my way.

I couldn't let you just keep walking by me,
I hoped and hoped that you would recognize me;
And so our friendship began all over again,
But I hoped that we could be more than just friends.

But one day you just suddenly disappeared;
I called your number, feeling kinda weird.
Someone picked up, and I heard you answer hello.
I begged, "Please tell me, where'd my shooting star go?"

You said that you didn't think that I loved you,
And it hurt too much, so you had to move.
I was just relieved to hear your laugh again;
You said taht you'd come back and I asked you when.

When you got back we returned to your garden,
Next thing I knew, you were down and kneeling,
You said, " Little Star, you know I've always loved you;
Please tell me that you'll be my Shooting Star too."





(SPOKEN: I love happy endings.)

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