Friday, February 27, 2015

You Lost Someone

You lost a friend today;
Maybe more than a friend.
You were dreaming about next time
And didn't expect it to end.
They were always there for you;
A shoulder or a hand,
And you still plan to tell them things,
'Cause you forget every now and then.
And you fall down crying on the floor,
Because you can't hear their innocent laugh anymore.
Sometimes you wannt be mad,
But you know that you can't;
You just wish you'd known sooner what you had,
Instead of realizing now that it's too late
How much you've lost and what you wish you had said.

You lost someone today;
Maybe you've lost it all.
Now you can't stop looking over your shoulder,
Because you think you hear them call.
You know that everyone dies,
But it's still no easy.
You didn't get to say goodbye;
You never expect to lose somebody.

You lost something today;
Maybe your life-long love.
People try to tell you that it gets better,
But right now that isn't enough.
Nothing can distract you;
Your heart's broken in half.
So maybe you saw it coming;
Nothing can really prepare you for that.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Can't Stay

*Needs Editing*

Every time we start to get close,
I get scared and let it go.
I start to think I should leave;
Just give up, give you space to breathe,
Even though you say
You want me to stay.
Every time I get close to someone,
I end up saying something all wrong;
You're too innocent to feel that kind of pain.
You may not see it right now,
But someday you'll figure out
You'll be much happier
When I'm out of your way.
I can't stay, no, no,
I have to let you go.
Before your heart breaks, too,
Just like they always do.
I always think
That things have changed;
The only problem is
My jaded heart's the same.