Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grammar of Poetry Assignment Two

There was a little bath tub ship,
With a little hole where water would drip.
If the crew ever said so much as 'pip,'
Or forgot to trim the sails-snip, snip!-
the captain would hit them with his whip,
And they'd get right to work- zip, zip!

Grammar of Poetry Assignment One

Once there was a husky lad,
Who had never, ever learned to add.
His father told him he was bad,
He bought some chains and had him clad.
But once he learned they were so glad,
And exchanged the chains for kilts of plaid.

<Please don't ask. Please, please, please. This is really bad... And there's one more coming...>

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kitty Kitty

Kitty, Kitty, You're so fine,
Kitty, Kitty, please be mine,
Kitty, Kitty,
You're so pretty,
Give me a hug!
One, two three!

<I sang this song for Nina when I was getting her dressed earlier. I came out of the room still singing it to myself and Sander gave me some funny looks. X) >

Candy Canes- Not Quite

You are my "Kitty-Cane,"
You're always on my brain,
You think taht I'm insane,
Just for lovin' you
                    You are my "Kitty-Cane,"
                    You're always on my brain,
                    You're driving me insane,
                    You don't know what people think of you
                                                                             You are my "Kitty-Cane,"
                                                                             But you must be insane,
                                                                             You think no one with a brain,
                                                                              Could possibly love you.

< I wrote this song using Nina's name, but it has NOTHING to do with her- or anybody, really. It's just a song I came up with. Sorry for the crazy way I typed it up. It has to do with how I sing it. :) >