Tuesday, November 22, 2016

If You Were His Friend...

You tell yourself you're okay;
You know that's a lie.
You hear his name,
And you start to cry.
He's not here;
He's just on your mind.
You just left,
And he'll never know why.
You hate yourself,
And I know why;
If you were his friend,
You'd at least say goodbye.
Should you apologize?
Don't even try.
You'll just make things worse;
You'll just waste his time.

Are You There?

Are you there?
Do you care?
I've had a bit
Of a scare.
You say to try
Not to cry
When I only want to die;
I've done
Nothing but try,
And you think
I'm just lazy,
But I've used up
All my strength
Just to try.
I know you're confused
And frustrated
And I hate
Putting you through this
So I think
That it's time
To say goodbye.

Friday, November 18, 2016


Head is heavy;
Eyelids weak.
All signs say
It's time to sleep.
So why lie here,
Wide awake,
With that one word:
"Mistake, mistake"?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Convince Me That I'm Dreaming

Tell me things that I don't know;
Take me places that I never go.
Tell me things that I can't believe in;
Try your best to convince me that I'm dreaming.
Maybe it won't be so hard when you leave;
Maybe I won't fall apart when you're not with me.
I still need to make it on my own;
I know this won't last,
I just don't know when you'll go,
Or where you'll go.
Where will you go
When I'm awake again?
Where do dreams go
When we're not sleeping?
God, will I ever be able to believe him?
Does he love me, or am I just dreaming?
Where do dreams go
If I'm not sleeping?

While I'm Okay...

I thought I'd never get over it,
But you better believe I did,
And as long as I'm feeling okay,
Might as well feel better than I've ever been.
True, it won't last;
I guess these things never do.
But before I lose myself again,
Let me tell you I love you.

Who Will Catch Me If I Fall?

I'm sorry that I'm crazy,
And I don't know how to behave;
I feel like everything that I say
Is just a big mistake.
Could you pull me closer,
And tell me it's not over?
Do you really love me,
Or should I just go away?
There are countless stars in the sky;
I wish I could shine so brightly in your eyes.
But I'm one in millions,
And maybe you don't notice me at all.
I keep on tripping;
I'm always slipping.
Who will catch me if I fall?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tell Me What I've Got To Do

I know I'm no fairy tale princess,
But I'd try my best for you.
We may have widely different interests,
But my big interest is you.
If there's any chance we could work it out,
Baby, just tell me what I've got to do.
I'm losing sleep, but I don't mind,
As long as I don't lose you.
I'm not sure I'm not someone that I hate;
Could you help me be more like you?
I'd do anything if we could work this out;
I'm just waiting for the word from you.
I'm losing my mind, but I don't care;
Just tell me that I've got you.
Come on, darling; we can work this out;
Just tell me what I've got to do.
I know I'm no fairy tale princess;
I know life is no dream come true.
I know I'm no Doctor's Companion,
But I could use a Rory like you.
I'm not looking for someone to take for granted;
I'm looking for a chance to be true.
I want to hold your hand, and never let you go;
Just tell me what I've got to do.
What do you want me to do?

I'm Waiting (For You)

Your mom teases you;
My mom teases me.
But will we ever really be
More than my friend;
More than yours?
If so, what are we waiting for?
Three small words you'll never say
Could all but take my breath away.
They're all that I could want to hear,
But you can't see me waiting here.
I'm waiting; I'm waiting.
I talk to you;
You talk to me.
But are you ever going to see
That I like you;
Do you like me?
Or is this all we'll ever be?
Three small words are all it takes,
But I don't hear them; my heart breaks.
Oh, how I wish that you were here!
But you can't see me waiting, dear...
I'm waiting; I'm waiting.
If you ever come around,
You know where I can be found.
And if you ever look for me,
I promise that I'll always be
Waiting; I'm waiting for you.

If You Love Somebody... Let Them Know

You can show me things that can't be seen,
But don't tell me things that you don't mean.
You'll find love, if not with me,
And be happy, like I hope you'll be.
Stay my friend, if nothing more;
I know that you're worth fighting for.
And if I die all alone,
I'm still glad you're someone that I know.
But don't you miss me when I go;
If you love somebody, let them know.


You told me I should get some sleep;
I swore today I would be fine.
I think I know what you need;
Things will get better when I die.
Tell me why I should keep going;
Nothing ever seems to change.
Just forget you ever knew me;
Forget you ever knew my name.
There's no point in being sorry;
I can never set things right.
You said sleep would make things better;
All I can say is yeah, good night.