Saturday, November 29, 2014

Don't Be Sorry

So you can't come;
It's okay.
Sometimes things just 
Go that way.
So you were wrong;
Don't worry.
You can't know
Don't be sorry;
Don't you cry.
It's enough
That you tried.
I love you,
And that won't change.
It's not your fault
Things worked out this way.

We make mistakes;
It's okay.
You aren't the first
To be afraid.
You have to leave;
Then you can go.
I won't be mad;
You aren't alone.

So what, I'm hurt;
So are you.
None of your guilt
Can change the truth.
Don't be sorry;
I'm not mad.
I'm sorry, too,
That you feel like that.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Siren's Tale

I thought that I love him,
The I thought that I loved you,
Now I think that I'm in love
With someone else.
I keep making mistakes,
And I feel afraid
Of myself.
I keep calling them in,
But then I throw them back
In the sea again;
I'm afraid to keep on trying.
I feel like love is dying
At my hands.

I've given up on love,
But I long for it so much
That I keep jumping back in
With someone else.
I warn them about me,
But they can never see;
Their guard's down.

I should hurt for them;
Spare anyone else the pain.
I think that they're all liars
Who say love's a game.
All this searching's no fun,
And it isn't easy...
I'm sorry...

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Last Thing I Ever Said Was Goodbye

(I don't remember if I already had any lyrics in mind, but I think this portrays the basic idea of what I wanted to say with this song...)

You're gone now, 
So far away, 
And I'll never see you again. 
I said goodbye; 
I didn't know. 
I couldn't find the words 
To let you go. 
I'm sorry, so sorry;  
I wish I'd known what to say, 
Some meaningful words 
Before I sent you away. 
The last thing I ever said was goodbye;
The last thing I ever said was goodbye.
No I love you,
No remember to write;
I would have said more,
But nothing felt right.
I'm sorry, so sorry;
The last thing I ever said was goodbye.

You're up there, 
Somewhere that I can't see. 
I never thought- 
I didn't think- 
Anything could take you from me. 
I let you leave 
With only that; 
No 'love you more'; 
No 'please come back.' 
And now you're gone... 

I write you letters 
That I don't send; 
I let down someone
That I called my friend. 
My mistake; 
Mine is the blame. 
Mine the regret; 
Mine is the shame. 
I can't look back without shedding tears; 
Without you here, how will I get through 
The coming years? 

Song Of The Day

(I have no idea what I originally had in mind for this title, so I'm just making it up as I go along... :P)

I haven't been sleeping lately;
I've been too busy dreaming lately. 
Dreaming or worrying or hoping; 
They're all the same thing. 
They're the song of the day; 
They're the song of the day. 
I haven't been eating lately; 
I've been too busy grieving lately. 
I've been grieving with a smile on my face. 
I don't know why; I don't know why.
I just can't cry anymore on the outside.
That's the song of the day; 
That's the song of the day. 
So help me sing
Something else;
I'm breaking down,
I'm fading out.
I'm not scared to die;
I'm not scared to try.
I'm just afraid to be forgotten
Like I was never here;
I'm just afraid of losing
Everyone that I hold dear.
So what's the song of the day?
What's the song of the day?

I shake your hand, or I kiss your feet, 
But neither one feels right to me. 
They're both the same thing; 
Too close and too true, 
Too real and too new. 
They raise too many questions; 
I guess I just don't know how I feel. 
I'm not used to being close; I don't feel real. 
I don't know why; I don't know why. 
I just don't show affection on the outside. 
That's the song of the day;
That's the song of the day.

I miss you; you know that I miss you, 
But I don't call, and I rarely write; 
I can't bare the goodbye, 
I can't bare the goodnight. 
That's the song of the day. 
I haven't been speaking lately; 
I guess I just don't know what to say. 
I'll spare you my words if I can spare you pain. 
But I don't know how; I don't know how. 
I feel like everything I do causes you pain. 
That's the song of the day;
That's the song of the day.