Thursday, February 25, 2016

Leaving Is A Kind Of Love

Leaving is a kind of love
That you don't understand,
And you tell me that it's wrong,
But it's the only kind I have.
I just want to protect you;
You say that's not my right.
I lay awake for hours
Worrying over it at night.
Leaving is a kind of love
That you don't believe in,
But if it isn't real,
Then what is this I'm feeling?
You tell me I don't trust you;
You couldn't be more wrong.
The person I don't trust
Has been me all along.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

These Songs

I don't know why I'm writing;
I've nothing new to say,
And I try to make the words beautiful, 
But they don't come out that way.
I read them over and over,
And my friends tell me that they're fine,
But deep inside, I still know
That the words just aren't right.
I haven't written in ages,
And I don't really want to try,
But it's better to put pen to paper
Then to let strangers see me cry.
I don't know what I'm doing;
This feels like a mistake.
You'll get the wrong idea;
But there are worse mistakes to make.
I'm all out of ideas;
Well, ideas that are good,
And maybe I shouldn't share them,
Even if I could.
They're stronger than I thought they were,
These words that I've used,
They're too painful, raw, and real.
To show them all to you.
I want to hide these songs;
I don't want to be them.
I'll keep them in the dark inside,
Where no one else can see them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Words Aren't Everything

She thinks if she stops smiling
The world stops spinning;
Someone has to keep the mood light.
She loves her job,
Most of the time,
But some days it doesn't feel right.
Tired all day,
But she can't sleep;
She can't seem to shut off her brain.
She sees her friends;
They ask how she's been,
And she doesn't know what to say.
Words used to be so simple;
You just say what you mean.
But she got older and discovered
That words aren't everything.