Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Would Tell You Goodbye (I Would Never Get Away)

I would tell you goodbye,
But then I'd never get away.
If I told you not to miss me
I would never get away.
I think you'd realize
That I mean it this time;
I am never coming back, my friend.
I think you'd realize
That I mean it this time;
You will never see me again.
Don't tell me not to leave,
Don't try to make me stay;
I would tell you goodbye,
But then I'd never get away.
Don't try to hold me back,
Don't beg me not to go;
We've all got our place,
And mine is alone.
I would tell you goodbye,
But then I'd never get away.
If I told you not to cry
I could never go away.

Friday, May 23, 2014


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I just haven' got the time to
Stand around listening to ou
Tell me how stupid you think I am.
I think I hate myself enough
Already for the both of us,
But I wouldn't expect you to understand.
Yet somehow after all your griping,
All your angry letter typing,
You come around crocodile-smiling,
Thinking I'm still gonna be your friend.

If you hate me, go away;
No one's going to make you stay.
Don't let the door bite you one the way out.
Just take your insults with you, dear;
There is no one who wants them here.
Finally you are the one who gets to doubt.

You said nothing that I do
Would ever be enough for you.
I agree; it's time I stopped trying.
Well, I'm sorry if I sound rude;
It's just something I learned from you.
You could learn something from me 'bout crying.

Welcome Back To Summer

Welcome back to Summer, friends!
So now what will you do?
Can you hear your favorite books?
I think they're calling you!
The library is open,
So take a look inside;
You'll find The Secret Garden,
And other books besides!
Will you read a novel,
Long into the night?
Or maybe you like fairy tales
About dragons fighting knights?
Welcome back to Summer, friends!
The choice is up to you;
Will you read The Maze Runner,
Or The Twenty-One Balloons?

Spoof on "Mary Had A Little Lamb"

Maggie Had A Little Jon

Maggie had a little Jon,
Little Jon,
Little Jon,
Maggie had a little Jon,
His hair was black as coal.
And everywhere that Maggie went,
Maggie went,
Maggie went,
And everywhere that Maggie went
Her Jon was sure to go.
He followed her to Emmaus,
He followed her to Emmaus.
Which we all thought was cool.
It made the teens to laugh and tease,
Laugh and tease,
Laugh and tease,
It made the teens to laugh and tease
To see the lovers two.

Letter To My God-Daughter

Cecilia, I look at you,
At the precious smile you hand to me,
And as I kiss your rosy cheek,
I wonder who you'll grow up to be.
I'm happy that you're smiling now,
Wrapped safely in my arms,
For who knows what pain is in your future,
What sadness and what harm?
My dearest, sweet Cecilia,
Everyone has days of pain,
And it gives me one just thinking of
Your tears falling like rain.
I'm so grateful you know Jesus,
Your Savior and yourKing,
And when your days of sadness come,
I pray you'll open your hymnal and sing,
Or that you'll call your God-Mother
To come and sit with you,
And fold your hands within her own,
To talk to God as Christians do.
There's so much that I could tell you,
If I knew just what to say,
But the lines between now and tomorrow
Get in my mouth's way.
So for right now, my Cecilia,
Just let me hold you near,
And try not to worry about days to be,
But the day that is already here.
Cecilia, each night I pray
God grant you faith and peace,
Health and friends and happiness,
And everything you need.
So when you are all grown up,
And maybe far away,
I hope that you will think of me,
And it will brighten up your day.

Search For A Place Called Home

I can't believe this;
I know you're leaving.
Don't you know
I was just healing?
I'm not even gonna say hello.
Don't say you know,
Because I'm hurting more than you,
But don't you worry,
I promised I'd take care of myself.
Just don't blow the stars
Out like bubbles;
Can't you see my heart's in trouble?
They're lighting my way
On my search for a place to call home.
I know you're gonna leave,
So just go;
It's a swearch I have to do
On my own,
And you've already found
Yourself a home.
It's just not a place
Where I belong.
Yours is a different world,
From mine, a different song.
You think everything's fine;
The same as it used to be.
But even though you're here,
You're still gone;
Even when I'm with you,
Nobody's with me.