Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ooh, Aah, Make it All Better!

If you fall down, 
If you get hurt,
If you are sad,
Or see a mini skirt,
Need a little bit of
Make it all better!
Make it all better!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
Yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah!

< this is one of the few things I have a tune for. Actually, this is Katharina's baby powder song. Don't ask; just try and guess. I bet you can't. :) >

Monday, December 26, 2011

Five 1/2 + Six =^]

5 1/2:
The best things don't come in packages, super-sized or small,
The best things aren't contained in boxes with any bows at all,
The best thing aren't always visible to the mortal eye,
The best things can make you laugh, but sometimes make you cry.

You don't know what love is,
I'm sorry, but it's true.
You don't know what love is,
Or what it does to you.

< This are completely unrelated to each other, but they are both the beginnings of songs I couldn't think of any more lines for, and I decided they were so short and incomplete they didn't deserve their own posts. >

Christmas Catch-Up Five... < Or is it Six? Darn. Lost count. >

When you feel sad or hurt, hungry or angry,
Don't take all the pain out on somebody,
There's no fakin':
It always works to think of bacon.

< I just had to write this refrain! No song attached- just a refrain. Not a very good rhymer, no real meter- but hey, it's about the healing qualities of bacon! Emotionally, anyway. This is for all them Higher Thingers. :) >

Christmas Catch-Up Four...

You can have the mop,
And me the broom,
Or if you'd rather,
Grab some chairs,
Or me and you,
Just dancing together.

< As you all know, I love spoofs. Here's one for the refrain of " Happy Together" bye the Beatles. :) What do you think? >

Christmas Catch-Up Three...

...And we danced,
Across that floor,
We danced like we done never danced before.
Yeah, we danced,
Hand in hand,
And toe stepping on toe,
And I will never forget,
How we got wet,
'Cause we didn't mind dancing in the rain.
So yeah, we danced,
Across that floor,
We danced like we done never danced before,
Yeah, we danced,
And I can't help but wonder,
If he would change a thing,
If we could go back now,
And just dance.-

AND I wrote more to this, but you don't get to see it. X) I consider it unfinished, because I wrote an ending, but I don't like it, so I'm not posting it, and someday, MAYBE I'll finally come up with a reasonable wrap up. :) Also, there's a little story behind this song- no, it didn't actually take place, as you may have guessed. But I DID hear a song on the radio I like-ished one night, and I decided to write my own version- one that didn't take place in a bar. :P This is the result. :)

Christmas Catch-Up Two...

I was never much of much of anything,
I don't dance, and I cannot sing,
I was never much of much of anything,
But I would rather be not much than a nothing.
I've got lots of smiles, more than I can use,
 I've got lots of friends, 'cause I don't pick and choose,
I try to do more than I've time for on most days,
I do much for a not much in many ways,
I was never much of much of anything,
I don't dance, and I cannot sing,
I was never much of much of anything,
But when you're not much, you ain't got much to lose!

 < I wrote this song partly because I wanted to write a song using the idea of being not much as a noun instead of an adjective- also, I was mad. :) >

Christmas Catch-Up One...

Just let me go!
The things you say hurt more than you know.
It's too late to change the past,
Some things last,
Others won't go.

< This is a spoof on the Hey, Jude! refrain, written to fit Naina Bird and my story's- which does not currently have a title, although it's had two so far- plot line. Basically Laina's ability to take things to far.... :) >