Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jesus Died Upon The Tree

Jesus died upon the tree,
There His blood was shed for me,
There my feet are washed free of Sin,
There He clothes me with His pure skin,
There I receive forgiveness,
Not by my own faithfulness!

His death holds my sin to blame,
Jesus loves me just the same,
When I wander Jesus finds me,
Never on the altar binds me,
When I'm parched He lets me go,
Where Life's fountain gently flows!

Jesus brings me Home to feed,
Jesus banishes all need,
Sings my humble praises with me,
To His lap He gently lifts me,
Though I sin He says to me,
" Take my name; It sets you free! "

By His name He has called me,
Puts His righteousness on me,
Though the guest He came appearing,
Now He is the servant serving,
He has washed me in the flood,
Trades my cup of death for Blood!

Jesus is the cornerstone,
Build your faith on Him alone,
When Satan wages war on you,
This firm rock will see you safe through,
Though alone you start to quake,
Nothing can this strong house break!

< This is a 'spoof' on I am Jesus Little Lamb. :) >


Oh, stupid, silly, awkward me,
Will I never, ever see?
People babble, speak, and talk,
All I can do is stand an gawk!
I cannot read a person's mind,
If I could, what would I find?
Are they being sweet and nice?
I take a guess; I toss the dice,
I have no other way to tell!
( My discussions don't go that well.)
People think I'm being cruel,
The truth is this: I'm just a fool!

Not All The Blood Of Beasts

Not all the blood of beasts,
Now on the cross are laid,
But all the sins of man,
For which the LORD hath paid.

Though all have sinners been,
Now at the altar kneeling,
There, there can be seen,
The glory of salvation.

The body and the blood,
Though separately given,
Show that Christ has redeemed me,
And I shall go to Heaven.

Life Is A Labyrinth

Life is a labyrinth,
Life is a time machine,
Life is a labyrinth,
With a minotaur big and mean!
Life is a labyrinth,
Twists and turns under ground,
Life is a labyrinth,
If you scream we won't hear a sound!

Life is a labyrinth,
No one can help you,
Life is a labyrinth,
A hundred dozen problems to think through!

Life is a labyrinth,
You better not lose your string,
Life is a labyrinth,
And you know that it ruins everything!

Everything you know,
Hades has heard:
You know you'll be there soon with,
With all the mentally disturbed!
Life is-
( time machine )
Life is-
( Greek myth )
Life is-
( big'n mean )
Life is, Life is, Life is,
Life is a labyrinth!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Color Is The Sunset

What color is the sunset when it gives you all the blue?
What color is the sunset when your friends are gone?
What color is the sunset when you don't know what to do?
What color is the sunset; what's the point of this sad song?
What color is the sunset when you don't feel so strong? 
What color is the sunset when the days seem extra long?
What color is the sunset jsut before hte yellow moon?
What color is the sunset long after the noon?
What color is the sunset? I must be ending soon,
For I'm oh-so tired of everything,
Including this melancholy tune.


I dropped a clipboard on my knee,
Now it's bruised as bruised can be,
It's turning shades of red and blue,
No, it's not very loverly.
It's ugerly,

< This is a spoof on the last part of Wouldn't It Be Loverly, from My Fair Lady. It's based off of the fact that I dropped a clipboard on my knee when Alena and I were getting hyper during our sleepover. :P >

Abide With Me Extra Stanza

Abide with me,
And wash away my sin,
Open the gates,
And let your child come in.
Grant me the faith,
To do as I am told.
Lord, help your people,
As in days of old.