Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Wait

Please don't give up on me
When I give up on myself;
Please don't think I'm a stranger
When I don't sound like myself.
I know it's hard for you;
You know it's hard for me.
But I always find my way back
To who I used to be.
It's been a long wait,
But now maybe it's over.
Just seeing your name
Takes so much weight off of my shoulders.
I'm trying to give it time;
This might not be what I think.
But I was glad you said hello,
And I feel farther from the brink.
I'd forgotten about happy;
I'd forgotten about smiles.
But now you make me think
It was worth waiting awhile.
I won't say I love you;
I don't know if it's that.
But you won't hear me complain
If it blossoms into that.

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