Lonely Titles

(Feel free to comment/e-mail me your votes to turn these Lonely Titles into songs! )

Out of Order and in Disrepair

I Just Want To Be Right Once

Should I Ever Cross Your Mind

(Spoof on 'The Dancing Queen') I'm The Writing Queen

I Can Fix Anything I Break (Spoof on 'I Break Everything I Touch')



Fall Away (Don't Let Me Fall Away From You)

Can't Help But Look Away

Red Flags

Why Shouldn't We Be In Love?

Don't Let Me

I Do/I Think I Do

Because You Are

Good At Acting

Be Happy 

Come With Me


  1. Are these songs we email ideas to you for, we can write ourselves, or?????

  2. ummm....
    Well, you can do that, and send me the songs, or you can just vote on which titles you think I should write songs for, or whatever. I'm making this pretty open. :)

  3. Write one for "I could watch you smile forever". I'm really curious about that.

  4. Last time I asked you to write one for one of these titles, you came up with a really great one. :) Let's try this again!

    The Last Thing I Ever Said Was Goodbye

  5. Write one for Song of the Day. :)