Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I'm Afraid

I'm afraid you read these words,
And afraid that you don't;
Afraid of what you'll think,
And afraid of what you won't.
I'm afraid to be seen;
Afraid to be alone.
There are monsters in my head
When you're here, and when you're gone.
I'm afraid to look at you,
And afraid to look away.
Afraid to take the bill,
And afraid to let you pay.
I'm afraid to leave my house,
And afraid to stay at home;
Afraid to shut you out,
And afraid I'll talk too long.
I'm afraid to smile,
And afraid to laugh too loud.
I'm afraid to be too quiet,
And to make too much sound.
I'm afraid to say I love you,
And afraid to say goodbye;
Afraid to tell the truth,
And afraid to tell a lie.
I'm afraid to be your friend,
And afraid to go away.
I'm afraid you'll think I'm mean,
So I'm afraid to stay.
I'm afraid to stand,
And afraid I shouldn't sit.
I'm afraid you'll think I'm boring,
Or a total twit.
I'm afraid that you'll worry;
Afraid you think that I'm okay.
Maybe I'm too scared
To make it through another day.

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