Short Poems and Drafts

( This page is meant to contain ALL THE SHORT SONGS/POEMS AND DRAFTS <or it will- when I'm done editing it! Thank you so much for your patience! >. However, I may have missed some; if you discover a song mini or draftie that is not on this page, please, LET ME KNOW!!! 'Lonely Titles' are not to be mistaken with song minis and drafties- they are, as the title suggest, titles with no song attached, and can be found on the 'Lonely Titles' page. You are welcome to vote for your favorite Lonely Titles by commenting or e-mailing me at . Thank you!)

1. No Song
Take it slow and easy,
Little Miss NoOne,
There's a star waiting for you,
Far away from Nowhere.
If you find it,
It will take you away;
That's what you want,
Isn't it?
You said.
'No one's happy here,
And I want to get away.'

2. Queen of the Gnats
Gnats, Gnats, everywhere!
In my ears and in my hair!
Gnats, Gnats, please go away!
I just want one gnat-less day!

3.  The Best Things
The best things don't come in packages, super-sized or small,
The best things aren't contained in boxes with any bows at all,
The best thing aren't always visible to the mortal eye,
The best things can make you laugh, but sometimes make you cry.

4.  Bacon Song
When you feel sad or hurt, hungry or angry,
Don't take all the pain out on somebody,
There's no fakin':
It always works to think of bacon.

5. Thank You
You see me through,
You carry on,
You know the truth, but say I'm wrong.
Thanks for all the things you never say or do.
Thanks so much for loving me more than you love you.

6.Sad Song
Baby, when you need a sad song to sing,
You can sing me,
When you need a sad song to play,
Baby, you can play me.

7. Just Dancing Together
 You can have the mop,
And me the broom,
Or if you'd rather,
Grab some chairs,
Or me and you,
Just dancing together.

8. Blazes
Just let me go!
The things you say hurt more than you know.
It's too late to change the past,
Some things last,
Others won't go.

9.  Foreign Treasure
She was a foreign treasure,
Shipped across sea;
If she got permission,
Boy, it wasn't from me!

10. I Mean Now
I mean now,
I mean tonight,
I mean for the rest of your Christian life.
I'm not content, to say goodbye,
'Cause I'm gonna love you for the rest of your life.

11. Long, Long Time
It's been a long, long time since you loved me,
It's been a long, long time since you said anything,
Anything to me,
It's been a long time since I stopped caring,
Then you had to come running back to me.

12. (Untitled) 
Yeah, she went for a walk with her friend,
Just to get away from him,
'Cause she can't be herself; he just don't understand.
And so she started to laugh and grin,
And feel like it'll be alright,
Then he grabbed her and pulled her down to earth again.

13. I Keep On Loving You
You say you don't deserve me,
And all my friends do, too,
But I laugh, 'cause I know it's the other way around,
And I keep on loving you.
Yeah, but I'm a stubborn girl,
I'm a very, very stubborn girl,
And it doesn't matter what you do;
You're stuck with me, 'cause I'm gonna keep on lovin' you.

14. Country Girl 
 I like the birds chirping,
And my pair of blue jeans,
The grass under my feet, yeah,
And I like to sing.
Yeah, I guess it doesn't really matter where you live,
'Cause I'm a Country Girl.

15. Nothing Beautiful
Nothing Beautiful,
No, nothing beautiful,
Was made to last forever,
They just weren't built that strong.
So save me,
Yeah, save me the last one.

16. Lines
It's just a matter of time,
Before we draw a hard line.
If you've crossed it before,
You're gonna cross it again,
But I don't want to know how or when.

17. (Untitled)
When you look at me,
Who do you see?
Just another desperate person.

18. Dance With Me
She was taking pictures at her sister's Birthday,
Trying to earn herself a piece of cake,
When a man walked up in a faded blue tee,
Grabbed her hand; said "You're gonna dance with me."

19. When
When did you stop loving me?
When did you stop caring if I live or die?
When did you stop loving me?
When did I become a sacrifice?

20. Rockin'
Rockin' and Rollin' on train to Nowhere,
Proving to a world that doesn't care,
That our lives really aren't fair.

21. Hospitality
There's such a thing as hospitality,
But where it's been is a mystery,
The whole world seems to be L.A. crazy,
And the way they carry on is simply amazing.

22. I Will
I will jump in the river,
I will sink to the floor,
And I will cry no more.
I will jump in the river,
Say goodbye to my friends,
Just to be with you again.

23. Enough
I've had enough stupid to last me twenty life times,
I've been ready to quit, but never crossed the lifelines.

24. I'll Sing
I'll sing as long as I have a voice,
I'll keep choosing this while I've got the choice.
I'll carry on while I still have breath,
And give you the rest if there's anything left.

25. (Untitled)
How can I learn to love you;
I can't even love myself.

26. I Wish...
I wish you hadn't left so soon;
I could really still use you.

27. (Untitled)
The sun was waking,
But you were breaking,
As your castles in the air,
Came crumbling down.

28. Sinking Sand
And I don't understand;
You're walking on the sinking sand,
The sinking sand.
And I don't know why you're leaving,
The Safe Haven;
You're way to Heaven.
So tell me why;
I can't read your mind.

29. Why Don't You Stay?
So why don't you stay?
Girl, you make me wanna keep you safe,
So why don't you stay?
You know that you are more than commonplace,
So just keep holding on.
I know right now it all feels wrong,
But that could change,
So why don't you stay?

30. Wasting
I'm wasting my day,
Like I've got time to waste,
And Heaven knows you
Put a smile on my face.

31. Freaks
Someone told me
I was a crime
Against nature;
Don't know if
I believe them,
But it's something
To think about.
I meet a freak
And wanna be her;
Don't know what
That's about.

32. Crazy In Love
I'm not crazy, just crazy in love,
No, they're not the same thing;
But this love could be the real thing.

33. Goodbye For Now
And you don't need to apologize,
'Cause I can see it in your eyes.
You've already come to realize,
This isn't goodbye; it's just goodbye for now.

34. Real
I know how goodbyes feel;
At first it doesn't seem quite real.
Then you might be a little mad at me,
And start saying words you know you shouldn't be.
But I'm not as crazy as it seems;
We'll meet each other once again in our dreams.

35. Shut Up
So shut up and listen to me, yeah,
Shut up, and hear me speak;
Would you be so kind,
As to turn around and change your mind?

36. Names
You've named so many people,
In all of your named songs,
So who do you keep hidden,
In all the nameless ones?

37. Crazy
You go crazy when crazy's all you've got;
It's all I've got, It's all I've got,
It's all that I've got left.
You've left me with a tendency,
I've got a tendency, A tendency,
I've got a tendency not to trust.

38. Swinging Song
Let your poem be your pumper,
A swing be your plane,
May the sky be the limit,
Until it starts to rain.

39. "How Strange"
I'm watching the world pass me by;
I'm just sitting here while time flies.
It only takes one moment for life to change;
I know that you are gone,
But can only think, "How strange."

40. Aaron Dale
Aaron Dale,
He belongs in jail;
He killed twenty men,
And then he killed ten.

41. Memories...
Memories lay in the sea,
Right beneath mine eyes;
Sing gorgeously into the skies.

42. Bunny
Sorft, Furry, Cute,
Hopping, Bouncing, Staring,
Playing in her cage all day long;
New pet.

Cold, Fun,
Sledding, Playing, Smiling,
Slipping on hot chocolate;

See the little birdies fly,
So happy in the air?
Though the wind may BLOW YOUR NOSE,
They have nary a care!

45. Three
She was in a car seat,
Staring through the window back at me;
Her face was pressed against the glass.
She was three;
So sweet.
No one else in the world to be.
Nothing like it,
Can't quite explain it,
Except to say that she was three.

46. (Untitled)
She was smiling at the world,
Through the window of her daddy's car;
Her eyes twinkled like the brightest stars.
And oooh,
To bring back that day,
And oooh,
What a memory!

47. Hurt
You say you don't wanna hurt me,
But maybe I need you to;
I feel it when you're near me;
Can't tell if you feel it too.

48. Fighting Yourself
So take my hand,
Hold on tight;
We will make it through the night.
Try to breathe;
It's alright.
There is no one left to fight,
Unless you're fighting yourself;
Are you just fighting yourself?

49. Strangers
I'm no longer lonely;
I no longer miss her.
She's not the girl I once knew;
She's become a stranger.

50. Will
I no longer feel strong;
I don't think that I belong;
But if you will me to go on,
Then I will.

51. I Swear
I swear I'll never lie to you,
But that's a lie;
Instead I'll swear you'll never see me cry.

52. Another Day
Another day on a dead-end street,
Another night eating humble pie.
More time to work through my problems,
But I need more than time.
I can't do this on my own;
I've got no energy to get up and carry on.

53. Shady
A shady little store
In a shady little town,
Where there's shady boys and girls
Wearing shady kinds of frowns.

54. (No Title)
I have stories to tell and secrets to keep;
Smiles to share and tears to cry;
A life to live and a death to die.

55. Who Am I To Say?
And who am I to say,
That you shouldn't cry?
And who am I to say,
That everything's alright?
And how am I to judge,
How much pain you can take?
And how's it comfort you,
If I say we all make mistakes?

56. So Long
She knows why she left,
But it's still hard
When you thought you'd given
Someone your whole heart,
And you break
From the weight
Of the secrets you've kept
For so long.

57. No Title
I sometimes feel
As though each day is a song;
We're all part of the band,
And can't help singing along.

58. Maybe I Was Wrong
Well, I don't know;
Maybe I was wrong.
I thought that it was love,
But now it's gone.
Well, it's not your fault;
It's been mine all along,
But that doesn't mean
That I'm strong.

59. Cryptic Soul
He was a cryptic soul;
He was a glass of iced tea.
He was my best friend,
And he was Saturday.
He was a pair of blue jeans;
He was "let's run away."
He was a car crash...
And he was my oldest, dearest memory...

60. But I Love You
I know that sometimes it's gonna be hard,
But I love you anyway.
I know sometimes you don't like who you are,
But I'll love you everyday.
I know sometimes you get lost in wishing stars,
But honey, I love you just the way you are.

61. You're The Most Beautiful Girl
Your lips are sweeter than homemade wine,
And I promise your hair is just as fine
As the most beautiful day in May.
So don't you mind what your brothers say;
I'm gonna prove to the whole wide world,
You're the most beautiful girl.
You're the most beautiful girl.

62. Can't Let You See Me Cry
Oh, stop keeping me waiting,
'Cause you know that I'm faking
Most of this.
Oh, and I can't be honest with you,
But what hurts the most is
You're just trying to help.
Oh, and you'll be so hard to tell goodbye,
Oh, but I can't let you see me cry.

63. Double-Crossing I
You cross your eyes and you fall over;
Your reflection says you're getting older.
You crossed your t's and dotted your i's,
And yet
You've met
With double-crossing I, I, I.

64. Untitled
I'm tempted to just leave it like this;
I'm running out of reasons to resist.
I know you know I've tried,
But I'm breaking down;
I guess the word is out
That I can't do it anymore.
Is this love still something
That's worth fighting for?

65. The Only Reason That I Stay (?)

Take my hand and make me brave;
You're the only reason that I stay.

 I don't know your name
Or age
Or address;
I've never said a word to you in my life.
I may never see you again.
But for one fleeting moment our eyes met
And my heart smiled
Because I knew you.

67. Thank You To An Anonymous Friend

I read what you wrote over and over;
You're afraid you said something stupid
"Because you're a boy,"
But you're the first person to tell me what I really needed to hear...
No "because you're a boy."
Don't talk like that,
As though "girl" and "boy" were synonyms for "good"and "bad."
You are a beautiful soul,
And maybe I'm finally healing.

Her heart stuck out like a sore thumb,
While the rest of us kept ours hidden.
We were so scared of being hurt again,
We didn't realize what we were missing.
I guess I never knew what happiness was,

Least of all when I had it.

 Oh, now don't hang your hat up, 
Just put it on me. 
I love you and 
I don't care if they see. 
I don't need much; 
Just to hear you speak. 
It's hard to know the right time, 
To say such a thing... 
But if you love me,
Tell it to me now;
Pull me in,
And lift me off the ground.
Take your hat and put it on my head;
I'll be loving you 
Until we're all dead.

I can tell that you don't know, 
But I love the way 
You look at me, 
And every word you say.
Please don't leave now

Why must I care so much,
When I've tried so hard not to?
I find other things to distract myself,
But my mind wanders back to you.

I don't want your sympathy,
Or words that just aren't true.
You don't owe me anything,
And I owe nothing to you.
I thought I'd be better now,
But I'm only worse,
?And the things that are good for me
Are the things that hurt.?
I should be sleeping;
Instead I'm thinking
Of all the things I can't tell you,
And the way you won't answer even if I do.
The soft breath of midnight;
The glow of my phone's light.
Tomorrow morning I have things to do,
But I'm still awake, thinking about you.

I don't need your help,
And I don't want it either;
You've offered before,
And it's gotten me here.
I don't want your pity;
I just want to get well.
You think that you know me;
You don't know me that well.
I told the truth,
But the truth doesn't sell,
And girls like me
Don't get endings like Belle.

What have I done?
Why did I do it?
So you love someone else;
I could get through it.
But saying goodbye?
What was I thinking?
Can I let go of friends
Without even blinking?
When it meant so much,
Talking with you;
When I needed someone,
You always came through.

It shouldn't hurt anymore;
I shouldn't care anymore.
Three months is long enough.
Why do I look back?
Why do I cry?
Why do I do this to myself?
You must have moved on;
You must have forgotten.
Why can't I do the same?
I was so close to better,
But then I remembered,
And I had to relive the pain.

I've been nothing but true;
You've done nothing but lie.
You promised forever,
And then said goodbye.
Did I hold on too tight?
Did I let go too soon?
Was there ever a chance
You'd love me like I love you?

I am not a caterpillar.
I can not wrap myself in a cocoon
And come back better than before.
I have no wings.

I will run, but I won't hide;
You could still find me if you tried.
But I don't think that you'll try;
Darling, maybe that is why
I run.

If you die
I'll kill myself;
Because I can't live
With myself.
The sun won't shine
On my deeds;
It knows I
Shouldn't be breathing.
Without me
You'll be better off;
I don't know how,
But you'll be better off
Without me.

It's been a long wait,
And a lot of pain,
And asking God
Why I had to wait.
But you said "me too,"
And I started to smile,
And I'm starting to think
It's not too late.

If I drop my heart
Somewhere along the road
Will you pick it up
And take it back home,
Or will I wander far
All alone
Without a heart
To call my own?
Give me an answer;
Can you give me an answer?


It's okay;
This is just life.
I know I seem sad,
But I get by.
Don't worry;
I like to see you smile.
I might not talk,
But sit with me awhile.

You don't love me like you did,
But I never thought
We'd fight like this.
Half our lives;
An unbreakable bond,
Until suddenly,
It's just gone.
Maybe I'm to blame;
You say that I am.
But there's a difference between
"Trying" and "can."


When we're talking
I'm happy;
When you're here
I'm not sad.
I guess that your jokes
Distract me.
I'm sorry;
Is that bad?


I feel so lazy;
I've gotten nothing done.
But if I'm falling apart,
I guess I'm not the only one.
Please don't be mad
If I'm not as busy as I should be;
I might be killing time,
But I'm at least I'm not killing me.
Maybe I don't need to die yet,
But hey, if I'm willing...

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