SAB Songs Of The Month!

The most viewed song of June 2017 is "The Old and The New":

It's the same old heart,
In a new shade of blue.
It's the same old song
To a different tune.
You say the same goodbye
With a fresh set of tears.
It's the same ending
To a brand new year.
You get a new cut
On a healing wound;
You try to hide it,
But the pain bleeds through.
You miss your friends,
But don't say anything,
Because they don't have time,
And you don't mean a thing.
You try to move on
Like the rest of them do.
They share their stories,
But you're the same old you.
They say they love you,
But it doesn't sound true.
You think you don't care,
Til they look past you.
They're living their futures;
You're stuck in the past.
They ask you your plans,
But you have nothing like that.
You're dying to leave;
You have nowhere to go
Your friends are all strangers
You just used to know.
You start to wonder
"Would anyone miss me?"
And you sum it all up
By saying you're sorry.


  1. You're Beautiful, The Eye, and/or You'll Remember Me.

    1. Okay, Naina! Those are all songs from May. Are you voting specifically for your favorite song of May, or are one or two of those All Time Favorites?

      So far you're the only voter, and you're voting for three songs, so we may have more songs on this page than I anticipated...


  2. These are my favorites from May, but they also happen to be some of my all time favorites.


  3. Oooof.... I can't decide between "Catch the Stars" and "Standoffish"....