SAB Songs Of The Month!

If people vote for their favorite song of the month in the polls in the sidebar, the song with the most votes will be the song of the month. If there are no votes, the song from that month with the most views will automatically be the song of the month. The most viewed song of September 2017 is "I'm Trying.":

Where did I go wrong?
I'm exhausted as Hell.
My life is a mess,
But I wear it so well.
Awake at night;
Asleep in the morning.
I lose my temper
Without any warning.
Get out of my face.
I'm so tired of this.
There's a girl in the mirror;
I don't know who she is.
You say I'm not trying;
I'm trying so hard,
I'm just not as successful
As you are.
I feel guilty
Whatever I do;
I feel selfish,
And of no use.
But I am trying hard;
Please be patient with me.
I love you too much
To just let you leave.
I'm not easy to love;
I know, I don't love myself.
But help me to prove
I can love you well.


  1. You're Beautiful, The Eye, and/or You'll Remember Me.

    1. Okay, Naina! Those are all songs from May. Are you voting specifically for your favorite song of May, or are one or two of those All Time Favorites?

      So far you're the only voter, and you're voting for three songs, so we may have more songs on this page than I anticipated...


  2. These are my favorites from May, but they also happen to be some of my all time favorites.


  3. Oooof.... I can't decide between "Catch the Stars" and "Standoffish"....